PetroEd Launches Free Online Oilfield Training Program for High School Students – Press Release

High Paying Oilfield Jobs are Available for Those That Graduate
PetroEd Online Oilfield Training for High School Students

PetroEd Online Oilfield Training for High School Students

For the first time, PetroEd® is providing access to the industry’s most popular on-line oilfield education courses–without cost–to qualifying students through the Open Petroleum Education Network (OPEN™).

The courses in OPEN are chalk-full of engaging multimedia, 3d animations and interactive learning that resonates with today’s generation of visual learners. [Read more…]

Must-Know Items for Truck Drivers in the Eagle Ford

Invest in Adequate Driver Training

Earlier this year we wrote a series of stories about the federal government’s efforts to regulate the training of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators. For 28 years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has attempted to standardize training requirements for entry level drivers (ELDT). [Read more…]

Free Training Offered to Halt Transportation Deaths – Press Release

The Importance of Driver Safety Increases With Oilfield Activity

In response to the high number of transportation related deaths amongst Texas oil and gas workers, Safety Services Company is offering a free online training program in driver safety. [Read more…]

Good CDL Drivers Needed in the Eagle Ford Shale Play

Good Training Programs are Important in Making Sure Safe Drivers are on the Roads
18 Wheeler Side Shot Del Mar College

CDL Training Truck | Click to Enlarge

South Texas has had a huge CDL driver shortage even before Eagle Ford Shale. Currently there are 150,000 CDL drivers needed nationwide. The American Trucking Associations have predicted the driver shortage will jump to 300,000 by the year 2014. Many companies are finding it more and more challenging to attract experienced CDL drivers due to the huge demand. CDL holders are held to a much higher standard than regular licensed drivers and must keep their driving records in good standing.

Hiring good experienced drivers is very challenging because companies have to be especially strict about driving records, accidents and Department of Transportation violations. This is because of CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores. CSA was established to keep accurate statistics of accidents, DOT violations, unsafe equipment and driving habits. CSA scores the safety performance of both the driver and the driver’s company. If a driver receives an unsatisfactory vehicle inspection and receives a violation, it will stay on the individual’s CSA score for three years and the company  that employed the driver at the time for two years. Under CSA’s new system that score will travel with the driver to whatever company the driver may transfer to over those three years. Having a negative CSA score increases the chance of receiving a DOT audit and can be very costly to both the driver and the employer. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Shale – Professional Skills Needed – South Texas is Stepping Up

There are literally thousands of open Eagle Ford jobs in South Texas and the only thing holding the oil & gas industry back is skilled professionals. Many of the colleges in the area are developing specialized programs to help equip students with the skills needed to work in the oil & gas industry.  It’s just a start, but local colleges will be instrumental in making sure the industry can fill the 70,000+ jobs that will be created over the next 10 years.

If you are considering a change in career or might want to further your education, visit our Eagle Ford Shale Oil & Gas Training and Education page to find colleges and degree programs near you. [Read more…]

Skilled Workers Needed in South Texas

There are thousands of Eagle Ford job openings across South Texas. The only obstacle is that the industry needs skilled and unskilled labor. Skilled labor means we need training and educational programs or we’ll have to hire people from other parts of the country. Structural unemployment is an obstacle to coming out of the recession and we’re no different in Texas.

The San Antonio Manufacturers Association held a meeting on December 14, 2011 to address hiring needs in the area. The association is setting out to identify workforce needs for manufacturers. They hope to help develop programs to educate individuals to fill vacant manufacturing positions that are growing in number due to the Eagle Ford.
[Read more…]