Global Petroleum – Texon Petroleum Well Results Improving

Global Petroleum and Texon Petroleum’s second Eagle Ford well shows a 24% production improvement over the first. The McMullen County well averaged 732 boe/d (89% liquids) over the first 60 days. [Read more…]

Texon Tests Good Eagle Ford Well – McMullen County TX

Texon Petroleum released results from its latest McMullen County Eagle Ford well. The well tested at over 1,600 boepd at a pressure of more than 3,000 psi. Texon didn’t disclose if that was a full 24 hr test or not.

This well was completed with 17 frack stages compared to 15 in Texon’s first two wells. [Read more…]

Global Petroleum – Texon Testing 17 Fracks in McMullen County

Global Petroleum announced more details on Texon’s lastest wells in the Eagle Ford. What is Texon’s third well was completed with 17 frack stages instead of the 15 used in previous wells. Watch to see if production results increase accordingly.

It’s an interesting puzzle finding the right number of frack stages at the right costs.  [Read more…]

Texon Eagle Ford Well Results and Reserves Growth of 50%

Texon Petroleum is taking a mid-year hike of 50% in its Eagle Ford Shale reserves bookings. The increase is attributable to the company’s two producing wells and two wells awaiting completion.

The company stated that 88% of its Eagle Ford reserves are oil and gas liquids.  The company now has almost 900,000 barrels of proved reserves and estimates total proved, probable, and possible reserves total 8,423,000 barrels.

The two wells the company has producing came online at 785 barrels of oil equivalent per day and 600 barrels of oil equivalent per day over the first 15 days of production, respectively. That’s above average for McMullen County wells close to Texon’s property. The wells were completed with 15 frack stages, with the less of the two wells only have 12 effective fracks.  [Read more…]

Texon Petroleum Olmos Well a Success

Texon Petroleum’s latest Olmos well came online at 370 barrels of oil equivalent per day. The well is part of Texon’s Olmos and Eagle Ford development plans in McMullen County, TX. The Peeler #3 was the 11th well in the Leighton field and all have been successful. This is the second announcement in as many weeks for successful Olmos wells. Swift Energy announced positive results from a horizontal Olmos well just over a week ago. [Read more…]