RRC Tackling Eagle Ford Issues

The Texas RRC is taking great measures to assure landowners and stakeholders are well informed across South Texas. For a resource the size of the Eagle Ford Shale, it is important that people understand the impact of the play. The RRC developed an Eagle Ford Task Force to help avoid the issues faced in the North Texas Barnett Shale where landowners and citizens weren’t prepared for full scale development.

With production on the rise and the rig count climbing, you can bet each day the Eagle Ford impacts more people. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Shale Fracking on Task Force Agenda

The Eagle Ford Shale Task Force was announced and met for the first time this past week. High on the list of priorities will be setting best practices for Hydraulic Fracturing across the play.

Drilling problems in other states have created a stir around the topic of fracking, which means the task force will help inform the public around the subject and alleviate any misinformation that is reported. [Read more…]

Railroad Commission Announces Eagle Ford Shale Task Force

Railroad Commissioner David Porter announced the members of the Eagle Ford Shale task force and its mission. The group will meet monthly to help promote economic activity and establish best practices across the play. The Eagle Ford Shale will likely become one of the largest economic boosts to the economy that we’ve seen in history. The task force includes members from a wide variety of backgrounds, including representatives from the oil & gas industry.  [Read more…]

South Texas Economic Development Booms – Eagle Ford Shale

The Texas Railroad Commission along with many in the oil & gas industry expect that development of the Eagle Ford Shale could be the largest economic boom in our state’s history. With over 200 rigs working and more job openings that can be filled, expect the tax rolls to expand and new buildings throughout the region. Eagle Ford Shale boom is creating lots of opportunity in South Texas and that might be an understatement. [Read more…]

RRC and Haliburton Fracking Water Use is a Concern

Haliburton and the Texas RRC both expressed concerns over the amount of water being used in hydraulic fracturing operations at a Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center meeting in San Angelo, TX. The amount of water used in fracking oil and gas wells has sky rocketed over the past few years.  The completion method was first used in shale gas formations, but has since expanded into liquids-rich formations such as the Eagle Ford. [Read more…]