Eagle Ford Crude to Canada? – Valero Gets Approval

US Department of Commerce Approved a 1-Year Export Permit to Eastern Canada
Valero Quebec City Refinery

Quebec City, Canada

V alero received US Department of Commerce approval to ship Eagle Ford crude oil to a refinery in Quebec City, Canada. A shipment has yet to set sail, but the company expects it could save $1-2 per barrel by utilizing Gulf Coast (Eagle Ford) volumes versus crude shipped across the Atlantic. [Read more…]

Port of Corpus Christi Expansion Driven by Eagle Ford Exports

New vessel with 330,000 bbls of capacity entered the port

The Port of Corpus Christi is seeing growth not many expected due to the Eagle Ford Shale. Many oilfield products can be supplied by water and waterborne routes can provide needed flexibility for exports. The Gulf Coast has the largest refining and chemical complex in the world along the water’s edge. If a pipeline out of the play can’t quite get the product where it needs to be, there’s a good chance a barge or tanker can.

The M/V Pennsylvania, an oil tanker operated by Crowley Maritime Corporation, entered the Port September 26, 2012, for the first time. The ship has capacity to move 330,000 bbls of petroleum products and sails under the U.S. flag. The flag is significant because the Jones Act only allows domestic ships to move products between U.S. ports. [Read more…]