SPE-GCS Shale Study Group to Be Formed in 2015

Group Will Look for Ways to Make Shale More Sustainable

The Society of Professional Engineers’ Gulf Coast Section (SPE-GCS) hopes to form a new group in 2015 to examine shale technologies, and collaborate with industry professionals on ways to make shale more sustainable.

“This group will help disseminate information on new technologies, new services, best practices, benchmarking, lessons learned, safety, regulation, etc., said the group’s organizer, Kim Thames, by email. “The group aims to bring together the best shale expertise and ultimately become SPEI’s leader in shale knowledge.”

It’s yet to be determined how group participants will meet, but Thames notes it will be similar to other SPE Study Groups, with monthly meetings, lunch and learns, networking, sporting events, etc. In-person meetings will be in Houston, TX.

If you are interested in getting involved in this new group as a supporter or in a leadership position, contact Kim at kim.thames@bhpbilliton.com to have her add your name and SPE member number to the petition.

Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Brought the Eagle Ford

Anadarko’s drilling manager Mark Sunland was interviewed by MyWestTexas. He talks about new technologies opening up what was traditionally thought to be a source rock. The combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have made the play economic and opened vast domestic resources. Future improvements, such as rotary steerable technology, will only improve the efficiency of shale drilling onshore.  [Read more…]