GDF – Shale Drilling and the Environment

GDF voices a need for improvements before development and hydraulic fracturing move forward in Europe. I’m not sure if the CEO is saying fracking actually needs to improve or if the understanding of the technology and application needs to improve.

The technology used to extract oil and gas from shale rocks, a process that has revolutionized the U.S. energy industry, should be improved to protect the environment, the head of Europe’s largest gas company said.

“There are concerns about the environmental impact,” Gerard Mestrallet, chief executive officer of GDF Suez (GSZ) SA, said in an interview at Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York. “Probably it can be improved and probably it has to be improved.”

Hydraulic fracturing, a technique that uses water, sand and chemicals to break apart rocks and release trapped fuel, has made the U.S. the world’s largest natural gas producer. That success hasn’t quelled concern that fracking, as the process is known, risks polluting drinking water.

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Eagle Ford Well Results Consistent Across EOG’s Acreage

EOG Resouces is finding well results are “similar” across its entire acreage position that stretches from Lavaca County all the way down to La Salle County. That’s promising for mineral owners and other industry participants alike.  EOG now has 22 rigs drilling in play and that’s up from 10 at the beginning of the year. The company also has acreage in Webb County, but is directing drilling to its liquids rich acreage. [Read more…]

Schlumberger – Service Demand Strong in the Eagle Ford

Schlumberger CEO Andrew Gould says the service market is supported by liquids production and pressure pumping demand in the Eagle Ford Shale. The Eagle Ford’s liquid production demands more services than a typical gas well. The demand for pressure pumping equipment is helping hold prices in the service industry. [Read more…]

Shale Oil Jobs, Opportunity, and Entrepreneurs

The unemployed and those seeking better jobs in South Texas have shifted to become the entrepreneurs of our day.  People are opening RV Parks, Hotels, and restaurants to capitalize on the influx of oil field workers.  If you’re looking for Eagle Ford Shale Jobs  or applicants for your open positions, visit our Eagle Ford Shale Jobs Listings[Read more…]

NY Times Ignored Shale Oil Economics

The New York Times article, that has gotten more publicity than it deserves, failed to mention the thriving economics of the booming shale oil plays.  The Eagle Ford Shale and Bakken Shale both look good under current commodity prices.  There are also many other liquids-rich plays, like the Granite Wash, that are activity drilled even at today’s natural gas prices. [Read more…]

Ethanol Tax Credit at Risk by Senate

The ethanol tax credit so long maligned by many free market proponents is finally coming under the gun from politicians. Ethanol producers of course don’t like it… but liquids producers in the Eagle Ford Shale play should be happy at the support this will add to crude oil and liquids pricing. [Read more…]