Shale EnviroSafe Summit in San Antonio, TX – Dec. 2, 2014 – Press Release

One-Day Event Focused on Environmental, Health, Safety, and Regulatory Considerations

The Shale EnviroSafe Summit will take place December 2nd at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Summit is a one-day event focused on environmental, health, safety and regulatory considerations for shale plays across the U.S. The event was designed to bring together like-minded EH&S professionals to network and discuss important industry issues in one concentrated, fast-moving day.

The Shale EnviroSafe Summit will host six educational sessions, along with an introductory breakfast and a closing networking reception. Sessions include community interaction and engagement; transportation issues; safety in rural and residential areas; specialized emergency response; case studies; and managing short service employees. Each of the six sessions will feature experts from companies such as Shell, ConocoPhillips, Union Pacific Railroad, Marathon Oil, Hilcorp Energy, and more.

To register or view the latest updates on Shale EnviroSafe, visit For information on attendance or sponsoring opportunities, please contact Marketing Manager Carey Buchholtz at 713.343.1878.



Carey Buchholtz
Marketing Manager

Driving Safety Top Priority for Oil and Gas Industry – Op Ed

Employees Attend Regular Safety Courses & May Receive Safety Bonuses
Hastings of TXOGA and Garcia of STEER

Hastings of TXOGA and Garcia of STEER | Click to Enlarge

From Cuero to Carrizo Springs, advances in technology have led to an unprecedented leap in oil and natural gas production in South Texas. Oil and gas activity in the Eagle Ford has generated more than $61 billion in revenue  in 2012 and 116,000 full-time jobs, according to research from the University of Texas at San Antonio. In Karnes County, employment in the mining sector, which is mostly oil and gas, jumped 260% and industry wages increased 320%. In Dimmit County, local sales tax revenues recently doubled, apparently thanks to increased oil and gas activity; this is a quadruple-digit increase over two years before. [Read more…]

Top Ten Characteristics of a Great Truck Driver

With a little effort and dedication, good truck drivers can become great truck drivers
Oil Tanker on the Highway

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With a little training and practice, probably most people can manage to drive a tractor-trailer. However professional truck driving is more than just getting a vehicle from Point A to Point B. Great truck drivers are much more than mere steering-wheel holders. In the Eagle Ford Shale play, driving a heavy vehicle with its cargo of costly supplies and equipment and keeping to a demanding schedule isn’t a job for an ordinary driver. Do you aspire to have not just a job, but a career, and a great one at that? Check out these characteristics of a great truck driver.

  1. RELIABLE. Great truckers do what they say they’re going to do, how and when they promise to do it. They know that employers and customers have deadlines and schedules that depend on the trucker’s timely performance. Great truckers aim to be not the problem, but the solution to shipping and cargo transport challenges.
  2. SELF-DEPENDENT. Office workers are just a door or floor away from a department of support personnel who can provide help or advice. However even team drivers are essentially working alone in that they are out on the road, away from “technical support.” Truck drivers have to be able to handle having sole responsibility for the truck and its cargo and make the right decision in an emergency They also have to be able to cope with being alone most of the workday, or work-night as is often the case. Great truck drivers keep their knowledge and skill current so that they can solve problems when and where they occur, whether they are mechanical difficulties, traffic tie-ups or cargo issues. They learn how to manage the personal aspects of their life so it goes smoothly whether they are home or on the road.
  3. COURTEOUS. While it’s true that truck drivers spend a lot of time alone, the great ones nevertheless have good “people skills.” They know how to interact with employers, other drivers, dock workers, customers and service staff such that everyone truckers come in contact with feel listened to and respected. Great truck drivers are courteous to clients, and treat the cargo with care.
  4. MECHANICAL SKILLS. Great truck drivers have basic knowledge of how a truck operates. They can perform repairs as necessary, such as changing a fuse or light bulb, and can do what’s needed to help ensure the truck meets compliance and other safety standards. This contributes to a safer working environment not only for the truckers themselves but for everyone else who is sharing the road along with them. [Read more…]

Personal Safety in the Eagle Ford Oilfield

The Eagle Ford Oilfield is a busy workplace. The work itself can be hazardous, involving expensive heavy machinery and tools, all of which merit your undivided attention. Regulations of the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration and company policies are designed to protect worker health and safety. However, the most important guardian of your personal safety in the workplace is YOU.

Personal Safety Tips

Here are some simple steps for personal safety around commercial motor vehicles. They’ll help you to avoid non-driving motor vehicle-related accidents. [Read more…]