Bee County Adds 14 RV Parks in 2011 Alone

RV parks are the craze in South Texas. Man camps, rv parks, and everything else housing related is flourishing in the Eagle Ford. In Bee County, 14 rv parks have been built in 2011 alone. Add those being built outside the county and you can bet more than a couple of dozen rv parks have opened this year across the area.

If you’re looking for an RV or an RV Park, visit the Eagle Ford Shale MarketPlace. Specifically, the RV Category. If you’ll be in South Texas for a while, you can also find hotels and other housing providers at our Eagle Ford Housing page. For the hotels, book your stay through the links and you’ll get the Eagle Ford preferred rates. We’ve negotiated discounts of up to 20% for our audience. [Read more…]

Drought Delaying Projects in Three Rivers, TX

Development projects in Three Rivers, TX, are waiting for water. Water treatment facilities are running at full capacity and some of the Apartment, Hotel, and RV developments are waiting until more water can be sourced.

Bring the rain…… [Read more…]

Shale Oil Jobs, Opportunity, and Entrepreneurs

The unemployed and those seeking better jobs in South Texas have shifted to become the entrepreneurs of our day.  People are opening RV Parks, Hotels, and restaurants to capitalize on the influx of oil field workers.  If you’re looking for Eagle Ford Shale Jobs  or applicants for your open positions, visit our Eagle Ford Shale Jobs Listings[Read more…]