Fatigue and the Oilfield

The Oil and Gas Industry has seen a tremendous increase in productivity over the last three years. Companies have hired thousands of new employees and have yet to slow down in the South Texas area. Along with the rapid production and workforce growth, there has been an increase in all types of accidents and fatalities, many fatigue-related.

Fatigue-Related Accidents in South Texas

As the oil and gas industry gains momentum, there are an increasing number of industrial trucks on the highways. Truck drivers suffering from sleep deprivation are a well-known danger on the road. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic.

“Sleep is increasingly recognized as important to public health, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors. Unintentionally falling asleep, nodding off while driving, and having difficulty performing daily tasks because of sleepiness all may contribute to these hazardous outcomes,” states a CDC article entitled Insufficient Sleep Is a Public Health Epidemic. [Read more…]