EOG’s Mark Papa – Oil Companies Are Undervalued

If you are a stockholder in oil and gas companies, you are hoping everything lands where Mark Papa sees it. He believes unconventional gas and oil companies have been undervalued long enough.

EOG has reported recoverable reserves up to 900 mmboe in the Eagle Ford Shale, but Papa mentions that the company estimates there is as much as 21 Billion barrels of oil in place across EOG’s acreage. The 900 mmboe equates to a recovery factor of less than 5%. Grow the recovery to 10, 15, 0r 20% and it could mean billions of dollars for stockholders. [Read more…]

Small Eagle Ford Companies May Prove Good Investments

Companies with Eagle Ford exposure may prove to be good investments as the overall economy recovers. The economics of the play look promising, which in turn means companies will benefit from a better worldwide economy or in industry terms “better oil and gas demand”. A few companies with Bakken and Eagle Ford assets are detailed below. [Read more…]

Bakken and Eagle Ford Lease Holders Good Investments?

Eagle Ford acreage is peaking the interest of oil & gas operators. First, Marathon spent over $20,000 per acre and then BHP acquire Petrohawk. The article below details a few reasons why it might be the right time to invest in Eagle Ford Shale operators and the companies who are active in South Texas. The liquids-rich and oil plays of the Eagle Ford and Bakken Shale have become the hottest real estate in the US. [Read more…]