Winter NAPE Expo Business Conference Highlights – 2014

Hydraulic Fracking and Water - Key issues at NAPE Winter Expo Business Conference

NAPE Business Conference | Click to Enlarge

The NAPE Expo is a North American event with some international influence, which features key players in the oil and gas industry. The business conference theme for 2014 was sustainability in the U.S. oil and gas industry.

The conference touched on key issues such as hydraulic fracking, regulatory and environmental issues, operational procedures and technological innovations.

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What is a Frac Holiday?

A frac holiday doesn't involve Kris Kringle
Frac Job Control Room

Control Room on a Frac Job | Click to Enlarge

You might have heard a few operators mention “frac holidays” during earnings season the past two quarters. Don’t worry, you’re not going to be flooded with discount emails and advertisements.

A “Frac Holiday” is a term used when an operator let’s its frac crews take time off for various reasons.

Oil and gas operations have hundreds of steps and processes. Companies attempt to plan best as possible, but one thing they don’t want is a bottle neck at the end of the line. If a company can’t complete a well,  it has a big investment and no revenue. For that purpose, a lot of companies work with excess frac’ing capacity. When crews get ahead of the drilling schedule, crews will be given time off to allow rigs to catch up.

Hydraulic Fracturing Does Not Contaminate Drinking Water

Hydraulic fracturing, fracking, or frac’ing, depending on who you talk to, DOES NOT contaminate drinking water.  That was the conclusion from a University of Texas Energy Institute study of the process.

The study noted that contamination is usually related to above ground spills or a mishandling of wastewater. [Read more…]

UT – Hydraulic Fracturing Not to Blame for Contamination

Initial results indicate there is no direct relationship between hydraulic fracturing and drinking water contamination.

Results from the UT study on fracking.

ConocoPhillips 3Q Eagle Ford Growth – Truck Constraints and Well Costs

ConocoPhillips announced third quarter earnings yesterday (Oct. 26) and provided several Eagle Ford updates.

The company averaged production of 31,000 boe/d with a 77% liquids cut. September production had risen to 36,000 boe/d, but included a loss of 10,000 to 12,000 boe/d related to third party trucking constraints. Without the constraints, production is approaching 50,000 boe/d. Conoco believes they will reach 100,000 boe/d by 2013. [Read more…]

Water Availability Questions Create Worries About Fracking

Water availability in the hottest areas of the Eagle Ford will become an even greater concern if the drought continues. Water used in drilling and completing wells pulls on local water sources and decreases supply. Without aquifers being recharged, there will be areas that begin feel the effects of greater water use. That won’t make for happy farmers.  [Read more…]