AMGAS Launches Full Service H2S Treatment Operations in Texas – Eagle Ford – Press Release

H2S Treatment Program Launched In Response To Growing Unconventional Shale Production
AMGAS H2S Treatment Services

AMGAS H2S Treatment Services | Click to Enlarge

AMGAS Service Inc (AMGAS), a full service H2S and noxious emissions treatment company, has commenced operations in Texas in response to increases in the levels of sour shale production. AMGAS’ innovations and expertise will help ensure producers are better able to safely haul and transport crude laden with H2S by truck and rail.

AMGAS will officially launch their services at the Developing Unconventionals DUG Eagle Ford Conference in San Antonio, Texas September 17-19, 2013 and representatives from the company will be on hand at booth 2085. [Read more…]

Magnum Hunter’s Eureka Hunter Subsidiary Deals For TransTex Gas Services – $58.5 million

TransTex Gas Was The Largest Privately Held Contract Gas Treating Company

Magnum Hunter Resources announced its subsidiary Eureka Hunter Holdings, LLC has entered an asset purchase agreement to acquire TransTex Gas Services. Eureka Hunter will pay $58.5 million, with both cash and equity, for TransTex Gas.  [Read more…]

Kinder Morgan Acquires SouthTex Treaters an Amine Plant Manufacturer

Kinder Morgan is acquiring SouthTex Treaters in a $155 million transaction. The acquisition adds to Kinder Morgan’s ability to deliver needed processing in the Eagle Ford Shale. The company will now offer lease arrangements or can simply sell amine plants.

Amine plants are being used more widely across the Eagle Ford due to levels of H2S (Sour Gas) in the natural gas stream. The hydrogen sulfide has to be separated from natural gas production before pipeline operators will transport the gas. One of the quickest way to get cut off from the gathering system is to go above acceptable levels of H2S (4 ppm).  [Read more…]

H2S, Labor & Pipeline Shortages, Higher Service Costs Headline 2011

Eagle Ford Shale oil & gas was the talk of the town in San Antonio today. The oil and gas conference goes through tomorrow and will continue with both operators and service providers presenting.

For everyone who wasn’t able to attend, here are a few things we’re hearing around the conference: [Read more…]