Eagle Ford Well Completed With LNG Powered Frack Pumps

Marks the First LNG Powered Frack Job Ever Completed

Onshore LNG Regas and Tanker

LNG Tanker and Regas Equipment | Click to Enlarge

LNG powered frack pumps were used to complete an Eagle Ford well in late 2012. We sat down with Ferus’ LNG rep Jed Tallman to learn more.

This was the first time LNG has ever been used to fuel pumps fracking a well. Field gas has been used by Schlumberger in the Horn River Basin of Canada, but LNG has never been used before.

Ferus is an oilfield service company that supplies cryogenic liquids as part of its offering. The company worked with Baker Hughes to test natural gas conversion technology and yard tested 10 Cummins QSK50 powered pumps. After a successful test, the companies took the pumps into the field to complete an Eagle Ford well south of Pearsall. [Read more…]