EOG Eagle Ford Well Production Rates Soar – Will Drill More in 2013

Planning 425 Eagle Ford Wells In 2013 Vs 400 Planned Previously
EOG Eagle Ford Shale Acreage Map

EOG Eagle Ford Shale Acreage Map | Click to Enlarge

EOG Resources announced impressive results from the first quarter. The company’s Eagle Ford wells just keep getting bigger.

A total of 18 wells produced more than 2,500 b/d of oil and nine more wells produced more than 3,500 b/d of oil. That’s 27 wells that came online at rates greater than 2,500 b/d! [Read more…]

Halcon Plans Eagle Ford Development in Brazos County, TX

Planning To Spend $100 Million In 2013 Developing The Play
Halcon Eagle Ford Activity Map

Halcon Eagle Ford Activity Map | Click to Enlarge

Halcon is extending the Eagle Ford north into Brazos and Robertson counties in what the company has deemed the “El Halcon” prospect.

The company unveiled a 50,000 net acre position with plans to expand to 150,000 net acres in and around northern Brazos County. [Read more…]

How Long Will the Eagle Ford Shale Boom Last?

A Texas A&M economist pegs the play's lifespan at 16 years - I'm taking the over
Eagle Ford Shale Impact Map

Eagle Ford Shale County Impact Map from UTSA | Click to Enlarge

A Texas A&M economist met with business leaders to share his projections of how long the Eagle Ford shale boom will last. He expects the play will have a productive lifespan of 16 years. I’d like to see what is behind the 16 year number, but I believe the message was well delivered. This Eagle Ford development isn’t going to fizzle out any time in the near future. The opportunity is too big. Billions of barrels of oil & gas resources mean billions and possibly trillions of dollars in economic development.

The economist speaking at the 2013 Executive Economic Outlook breakfast was simply conveying there is significant opportunity in South Texas. Most real estate developers are being cautious and not making commitments unless they can project a one-year payout. If the play has a lifespan of decades, more permanent developments are needed. South Texas will need every thing from grocery stores to home developments, gas stations and Wal-Marts. [Read more…]