“Denton Fracking Bill” Now Law

State Overides Local Decisions to Regulate Oil & Gas
Anti-Fracking Demonstrators

Anti-Fracking Demonstrators

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the popularly named, “Denton Fracking Bill” on Monday that allows state authority to override local decisions about oil and gas regulations.

House Bill 40 sailed through the Texas House and Senate over the last few weeks as legislators responded to Denton’s ban on hydraulic fracking in the city limits that local authorities passed in November. The bill seeks to clarify the lines between ofr gets to decide about these activities.

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Responses to the the announcement have been no surprise, with oil and gas companies hailing the bill’s passage.

The Texas Oil and Gas Association called the proposal “balanced, fair and essential to ensure that the state’s biggest job creator can continue to operate responsibly under robust and predictable regulation.”

However, local governments and environmental groups are outraged and believe they now have no control to protect property values and quality of life from rampant drilling.

Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, said in a statement that “By advocating for and signing this bill, Gov. Abbott has succeeded in seizing power away from local governments working to protect us from the real dangers of dirty drilling,”

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