Oil Export Ban: No Fans in Texas

Officials Urge Congress to Repeal Outdated Policy
Oil Exports Bad for Eagle Ford

Oil Exports Bad for Eagle Ford

Railroad Commission Chairman David Porter joined Governor Abbott and other Texas legislators to urge the federal government to lift the ban on oil exports.

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At a hearing before the U.S. Agriculture Committee this week, Porter testified to the immediate need for Congress to lift the ban on the archaic and outdated policy and made the case that keeping the 40 year old law is bad for Texas and the whole economy.

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Porter testified that, “Technological advancements have allowed U.S. producers to tap new sources of oil and natural gas from shale formations, including from the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford in Texas. Development of our shale resources has been a game-changer and presents the US with the opportunity to be the world’s largest producer of both oil and natural gas.”

Highlights of Porter’s testimony to lift export ban:

  1. Increase production resulting in new jobs, economic growth, increased state and federal revenue. U.S. GDP would increase by $38.1 billion in 2020 and every state and congressional district would also benefit from increased oil production due to the expansive supply chain it supports.
  2. Consumers would save money at the pump
  3. Enhance free trade and lower the U.S. trade deficit
  4. Strengthen our national security

Read the full testimony at rrc.state.tx.us

Eagle Ford Task Force Turns to Natural Gas Flaring

Flaring is common when infrastructure isn't adequate
Natural Gas Flare

Gas Flare | Click to Enlarge

The Eagle Ford Task Force is turning its attention to natural gas flaring. Texas set a record for flaring permits earlier in the year and the trend will continue until pipelines and gathering systems catch up with drilling.

In oil producing areas like the Eagle Ford, drilling and first production is reached weeks and sometimes months before pipeline companies get natural gas infrastructure to the area. Oil can be moved with a truck, but natural gas needs pipelines.

Flaring is commonplace in oil producing areas and is very rarely abused. More often than not, flaring lasts only a few days or weeks. It is in the operators best interest to get paid for natural gas they’re producing. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Task Force – Water Issues at the Forefront of Agenda

The Eagle Ford Task Force met November 2, at the UTSA campus in downtown San Antonio. Water issues are at the forefront of the task force’s agenda. Six experts invited by RRC Commissioner David Porter addressed the task force. Two of the presentation and the agenda can be accessed below

Both Darrell Brownlow, a geologist, and Stephen Jester, an engineer with ConocoPhillips, indicated there should be ample water to supply fracking needs in the Eagle Ford. Brownlow estimates that for every 1 acre-foot of water used in fracking that 280 acre-feet are used for other purposes. Jester estimates that at peak consumption the Eagle Ford will only account for 5-6.7% of water demand in the 16 county region he evaluated. That’s really focusing in on the core. The aquifers in the region cover much more than 16 counties. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Economic Impact and Threats

Good Eagle Ford economic impact summary from the Caller in Corpus. 13,000 full-time jobs are related to Eagle Ford production and that number could grow to 70,000 by 2020. The number of permits being issued by the TX RRC has also skyrocketed. The agency issued 1,200 permits in the first half of the year compared to just 94 in 2009. The article goes on and Porter identifies the EPA and the government as the largest threat to the oil & gas boom in South Texas. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Shale Fracking on Task Force Agenda

The Eagle Ford Shale Task Force was announced and met for the first time this past week. High on the list of priorities will be setting best practices for Hydraulic Fracturing across the play.

Drilling problems in other states have created a stir around the topic of fracking, which means the task force will help inform the public around the subject and alleviate any misinformation that is reported. [Read more…]

Railroad Commission Announces Eagle Ford Shale Task Force

Railroad Commissioner David Porter announced the members of the Eagle Ford Shale task force and its mission. The group will meet monthly to help promote economic activity and establish best practices across the play. The Eagle Ford Shale will likely become one of the largest economic boosts to the economy that we’ve seen in history. The task force includes members from a wide variety of backgrounds, including representatives from the oil & gas industry.  [Read more…]