Cuero Gets First Major Housing Development in 20 Years – Cotulla Too

The Quarry - 77 Lot Residential Subdivision Will Be Built By Austin Developer Charles Metcalf

The city of Cuero is getting its first major housing development in more than 20 years. The founder of Four Points Development, LLC, out of Austin, lives in Cuero and will be leading development of the new subdivision. He’s already sold a few of the 77 lots that will be available. My hunch is this won’t be the last major sub-division announced in the Eagle Ford region.  [Read more…]

Cuero and Yorktown Have Awakened to an Oil Economy

Cuero has grown from the Turkey Capital into a booming oil town. The town of Cuero welcomed the oil & gas industry and has seen several major oil companies open regional offices in the city. Tax revenues have grown more than 30% year over year and for the first time in many years “bonds” aren’t the answer to building needs.

Four years ago, Cuero was a community where everybody knew everybody, most people made their money in ranching or farming, and most of the children left as soon as they could.

Then everything changed. Although turkey production had left years ago, the town was still the county seat of one of the top cattle producers in the state and prospered compared with most small Texas towns.  [Read more…]

Infrastructure Issues Addressed by the Eagle Ford Task Force

The Eagle Ford Task Force met in Cuero Sept. 28 to discuss the impact oil and natural gas production in the Eagle Ford Shale is having on local community infrastructure. The task force announced today its adoption of several advisements related to truck traffic and pipeline development.

Rapidly Increasing Truck Traffic

The rapid increase in truck traffic on local roads in the Eagle Ford Shale region has led to the deterioration of roads and an enhanced concern for public safety. The 24-member task force, created by Railroad Commissioner David Porter, listened to presentations and concerns from the Texas Department of Transportation, the Association of Energy Service Companies, the Texas Motor Transportation Association and the general public in an effort to determine solutions. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Shale Jobs Growth Across the Region

Jobs are being created across the play and even adjacent counties are benefiting from the boom.

Victoria already has seen 124 new Pioneer Natural Resources jobs spring up in areas such as pumping services, maintenance and support, and that number should grow to 205 positions by the year’s end.

Pawnee, Cuero and Yoakum have seen 117 new jobs with Pioneer open since drilling began, he said. [Read more…]