The Lesser Praire Chicken’s Impact on Texas Oil

More Than One-Hundred Species in Texas Are Proposed for Listing in The Next Three Years - Craddick
Lesser Praire Chicken

Lesser Praire Chicken | Click to Enlarge

In late March 2014, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFW) listed the lesser praire chicken as threatened under the endangered species act (ESA), much to the dismay of the oil and gas industry. In Texas, the species is concentrated in the western portion of the state and in the Panhandle.

The lesser praire chicken’s new designation will impact a five-state area, and according to USFW, 3-million acres of land have already been enrolled in targeted conservation plans. Although the species’ new designation doesn’t take control out of the states’ hands completely, it does shift the balance of power to the federal government. Under special Rule 4(d) of the ESA, states’ will be allowed to continue managing conservation efforts for the species and avoid further regulation of¬†activities such as oil and gas development and utility line maintenance.

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Winter NAPE Expo Business Conference Highlights – 2014

Hydraulic Fracking and Water - Key issues at NAPE Winter Expo Business Conference

NAPE Business Conference | Click to Enlarge

The NAPE Expo is a North American event with some international influence, which features key players in the oil and gas industry. The business conference theme for 2014 was sustainability in the U.S. oil and gas industry.

The conference touched on key issues such as hydraulic fracking, regulatory and environmental issues, operational procedures and technological innovations.

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