South Texas School Districts Become Robinhood Targets

It’s a nice problem to have. Tax appraised values are rising by hundreds of millions of dollars across South Texas. Our schools will be getting better, but the state’s “Robinhood” provision means they’ll also be sending money elsewhere.

Robstown ISD saw an almost 20 percent increase in values from 2011, from $375.4 million to about $450 million, and London ISD’s preliminary estimate came in 23 percent above 2011, rising from about $233 million to about $287 million.

Those numbers pale in comparison to districts in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale. Karnes City ISD has seen valuations increase nearly sixfold in the past two years.


Eagle Ford Shale – Texas’ Single Largest Economic Development

Will Oil and Gas Revenue Reach More Than $2 Trillion Over the Life of the Eagle Ford?

We’re just a few years into development, but the Eagle Ford Shale is looking the part of the single largest economic boom in the history of the state of Texas.

UTSA estimates total revenue from the Eagle Ford in 2011 was almost $14 billion and that revenue could grow to almost $50 billion by 2020. In addition to revenue, almost 30,000 jobs related to the play were created in 2011 alone.

Reserve estimates also paint a rosy picture. If there are 20 billion barrels of liquids to be recovered in the Eagle Ford, revenue from oil, condensate, and NGL sales will reach somewhere in the neigborhood of $1-2 TRILLION over the life of the play (at $100/bbl oil and current NGL prices). Add the 100+ tcf of gas that could be recovered and revenue from hydrocarbon sales could easily reach 2 trillion dollars. Our country’s deficit is the only other topic where I use the word trillion.
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Does it feel like the 1980s again?

Oil booms have a way of creating stories that will be told for generations. We’re still talking about the 1980s boom that changed the lives of so many. We’re experiencing it again with the Eagle Ford.

It feels different this time, but that in itself is a scary phrase. This Caller article brought back some fond boom time memories and some not so fond memories of the recession.  [Read more…]