Blue Dolphin’s Nixon Refinery Revived by the Eagle Ford

The Refinery Is Processing Almost 11,000 b/d
Nixon Refinery Map - Blue Dolphin

Nixon Refinery Map | Click to Enlarge

Blue Dolphin’s Nixon refinery is reaping the Eagle Ford harvest. It’s a real estate thing – “Location, Location, Location”.

The Nixon Refinery was originally purchased in June of 2006 for $16 million, but Blue Dolphin has been investing to get the plant back to spec after being idled for years. [Read more…]

Blue Dolphin Purchases Option to Acquire Ingleside Refinery

40,000 barrels per day of refining capacity could be added if the site is re-commissioned

Blue Dolphin Energy has purchased a 180 day optionĀ  to acquire an idled refinery in Ingleside, TX. Lazarus Texas Refinery owns the idled facility.

The refinery was built in the late 70s and had capacity of 40,000 b/d. The facility sits on 100 acres of land and has a barge dock that provides direct access to Gulf Coast waterways. 210,000 barrels of storage is currently leased and 475,000 barrels of storage tanks are being refurbished. [Read more…]

Blue Dolphin Enters the Eagle Ford Shale

Blue Dolphin enters the Eagle Ford Shale processing game through its latest acquisition. The facility sits near Nixon, TX, between Gonzales County and Wilson County. Processing capacity is 15,000 barrels per day with storage capacity of 295,000 barrels. [Read more…]