Valero Files To Create a Logistics MLP – Valero Energy Partners

Logistics MLPs Trade At Multiples of 3-5 Times More Than Refineries
Valero Logistics Growth Investments

Valero Logistics Growth Investments | Click to Enlarge

Valero has filed a registration statement with the SEC for the initial public offering of Valero Energy Partners (VLP).

VLP will serve as a vehicle for dropping down (selling) logistics assets from Valero. Logistics assets include everything that helps Valero delivery quality crude to its refineries: pipelines, rail cars, rail unloading, barges, ships, docks, tanks, etc. [Read more…]

Port of Corpus Christi’s Eagle Ford Oil Exports Exceed Oil Imports – Video

Oil Exports Are Up Over 1 Million Barrels Compared to August of 2012

The Port of Corpus Christi has reached a milestone that won’t likely be reversed any time soon. Oil exports from the port are exceeding imports.

During the month of August, the port saw oil exports rise to almost 3.9 million barrels (~124,000 b/d) compared to inbound cargo of just 2.8 million barrels (~90,000 b/d). One year prior in August of 2012, the port was exporting just 2.8 million barrels (~90,000 b/d) and importing over 3 million barrels (~100,000 b/d). [Read more…]

NGL Energy Buys Eagle Ford Crude Oil Terminal & Barge Business

NGL Energy Doubles The Size Of It's Marine Equipment Fleet With The Acquisition

NGL Energy Partners Crude Oil Logistics Business

NGL Energy Partners Crude Oil Logistics Business | Click to Enlarge

NGL Energy partners, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is purchasing Crescent Terminals LLC and its interests in Cierra Marine LP.

The terminal facility adds 130,000 barrels of storage capacity and throughput capacity of 20,000 b/d. Cierra Marine’s assets include four tow boats and seven crude oil barges. The deal roughly doubles the size of NGL Energy Partner’s fleet of marine equipment.

The deal adds to the company’s ability to service the inter-coastal waterways. NGL Energy Partners already operates the Rio Hondo Terminal and the Texas Intercoastal Marine Terminal.

Read the full press release at

Don’t Forget The Texas Eagle Ford Oil & Gas Expo In Corpus Christi- It starts tomorrow July 16th

You can learn more about the expo HERE.

Port of Corpus Christi Has Barges Waiting To Move Eagle Ford Oil

More Than One-Third Of Eagle Ford Oil Production Moving By Ship
Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi

Trafigura Terminals’ Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi | Click to Enlarge

The Port of Corpus Christi has gone from moving less than 10,000 b/d of crude oil in 2011 to approximately 200,000 b/d in August 2012 to almost 350,000 b/d now.

Ships are now standing in line to move Eagle Ford crude and port expansions simply won’t come fast enough. [Read more…]

Plains All American Planning Cactus Pipeline – McCamey to Gardendale

Permian Crude Will Access Rail, Barge, and Pipeline Outlets From Gardendale
Plains All American Eagle Ford Assets

Plains All American Eagle Ford Assets | Click to Enlarge

Plains All American Pipeline announced a new $350 million pipeline that will move 200,000 b/d of crude oil from the Permian Basin into the Eagle Ford region. The Cactus Pipeline will be a 310-mile, 20-inch crude oil pipeline from McCamey, TX, to the Gardendale Area in La Salle County, TX. [Read more…]

Almost 6 Million Barrels of Crude Moved Through the Port of Corpus Christi in August

The port moved just over 3 million barrels in all of 2011

Almost six million barrels moved through the Port of Corpus Christi in August. That’s almost twice the amount of crude that moved through the port in all of 2011.

Through August, more than 15.8 million barrels have been sent out of the port bound for domestic markets in 2012. Even without complete figures for the year, the port’s outbound crude oil movements so far this year are about 100 times the amount from five years ago. [Read more…]