Fracking Turns 65 – Eagle Ford Shale Drilling Boom Made Possible by the Technology

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Hydraulic Fracking Operations | Click to Enlarge

On Monday, The American Petroleum Institute celebrated the 65th birthday of hydraulic fracturing or fracking. The technology is widely used across the Eagle Ford Shale, and has contributed significantly to Texas’s current oil boom, giving many folks connected to the oil and gas industry in the state reason to celebrate.

According to a University of Texas at San Antonio study, the development of the Eagle Ford Shale had an economic impact of $61 billion on the region in 2012. That’s not a small figure, and estimates for future exploitation of the tight oil formation through fracking are only expected to go up.

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American Shales Add Jobs and Oil Production

American shale plays, such as the Eagle Ford and Bakken, might produce as much as 2-3 million barrels of oil per day by 2020. A recent report by the National Petroleum Council (NPC) and American Petroleum Institute (API) suggest shales might also add 1 million jobs over the next 10 years. That’s an employment boom this country needs. The oil & gas industry already supports some 9 million American jobs.

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Jadela – GasFrac’s Eagle Ford El Indio #1-H Propane Frack Test

Jadela’s El Indio #1-H Eagle Ford well that was completed with a GasFrac propane frack or LPG frack was tested over the past couple of weeks. The companies injected over 225,000 gallons of liquid propane and butane into the formation. The well test results are a little difficult to interpret because production was limited by the LPG fluid recovery system. The most recent 24 hr period produced 210 barrels of oil and 706 mcf. It’s still early to declare success, but those aren’t bad numbers for Maverick County, TX.

It will be interesting to see just how much propane and butane Jadela was able to recover. LPG’s are expensive frack fluids, but you get to resale the fluid if it can be recovered. [Read more…]