South Texas Oilfield Expo

Several hundred vendors attended the expo in 2012

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The South Texas Oilfield Expo hosted more than 600 exhibitors in its second year in Corpus Christi in 2013. The Expo is moving to San Antonio in 2014.

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At the first event, several hundred oilfield suppliers and vendors were on hand to display their products and services. The expo is a great place to meet industry service, sales, marketing, and oil & gas personnel. The show is purely an exhibition and does not include a lineup of speakers.


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Who Attends the South Texas Oilfield Expo?

For the most part, the show is dominated by vendors and companies that supply products and services in South Texas. Similar exhibitions in East Texas and West Texas have grown in popularity over the years and we suspect even more general registrants will attend future events.

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Eagle Ford Expo Agenda & Itinerary

The 2014 trade show will be held at the Henry B Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TX. If you have questions about the event, you can call 1 866 918 5550. A reception is held the night before on the exhibit floor and registration kicks off at 8 am the day of the conference. The expo is two days.

  • July 8th – Exhibitor set up
  • July 9th – Registration begins at 8 am and last to 5 pm for all oil & gas professionals
  • July 10th – Show open at 8 am

If you plan to attend, Contact Us and include your company name. We’ll be sure to stop by your booth at the conference. Also, fill out our Advertising Form if you’d like to expand your reach beyond the event.


  1. Jason Logan says:

    The 2013 South Texas Oilfield Expo will be held on Wednesday, September 18th and Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Thousands of exhibitors and attendees from across North America will converge in Corpus Christi for the two-day event. Representatives from every facet of the industry will be on hand, with heavy equipment displays, demonstrations, door prizes and more.

  2. Gerardo Hernandez says:

    When is the next Expo?

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