Alpha Reclaim Technology Opening Eagle Ford Water Facility – Press Release

First Of Its Kind Facility Opening In Karnes City, TX
Alpha Reclaim Tech Facility in Karnes City

Alpha Water Facility in Karnes City | Click to Enlarge

As Texas grapples with rapid population growth and dwindling water supplies, a Bryan company plans to save the state 7.6 billion gallons per year by providing an alternative source of water for oil and gas companies to use.

Alpha Reclaim Technology, LLC aggregates treated wastewater (or effluent) from a growing list of more than 20 municipalities across the state, and markets it for use in hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking.” As a result, oil and gas companies can reduce their use of freshwater to support drilling operations, and more freshwater is available for use as drinking water. The reuse of effluent for such activities advances a Texas Water Development Board goal of increasing the long-term Texas water supply.

“We are seeking to effect a paradigm shift in the oil and gas industry,” said Randy Dean, president of Alpha. “Using effluent rather than freshwater in the oilfield preserves potable freshwater resources for current and future generations.”

In addition to preserving freshwater resources, using effluent in the oilfield is advantageous because it is both competitively priced with freshwater and significantly less expensive than desalinating brackish water or treating recycled flowback water.

Moreover, using effluent provides a revenue source for local communities. Cities such as Karnes City will be able to use the revenue from effluent sales for projects such as school improvement, tax cuts or infrastructure development.

Alpha will celebrate the opening of its first facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, March 1, at noon. The facility is located at 1751 N. State Highway 123, Karnes City, Texas 78118, and is open 24 hours per day. Through an agreement with Alpha, BNN-Energy Corp. designed, constructed and is operating the facility. More than 10,000 barrels of effluent are available each day at the facility on a first come, first served basis.

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  1. Randolph says:

    Haven’t they always said “Let nothing go to waste”? Secondly, “Necessity is the mother of invention” !!
    This is fantastic news. Nothing like ingenuity to resolve serious issues. Simple solutions are often the best solution. Hope this pans out. Congratulations to the novelists.

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