Instrumentation, System Integration and Expert Capability: Critical Success Factors for Pipeline and Refining Operations

This guest blog post is written by Darlene K. Gregory

Measuring pressure, temperature, flow and level in the pipeline is critical for midstream and upstream producers. When the pipeline is miles long, as many in the Texas Eagle Ford Shale, Bakken Shale and the Texas Permian Basin are, the quality of your process tubing, compression fittings and instrumentation is as critical as the pipeline itself to the profitability of the producer.

solenoid shutdown system # 2Instrumentation and process systems regulate interface levels in tanks to separate oil and water, so oil can be trucked to refineries for processing or to the nearest port for shipment. Faulty instrumentation or process systems can cause lower pricing for your product, as the oil is “contaminated” by excess water.

“Producers spend many millions of dollars to install the pipeline, X-ray the wells, and hydrotest the pipe. Correct, meticulous installation of process systems, tubing and compression fittings in the pipeline prevents lines from blowing or leaking – ensuring safe operations for staff, the community and the environment.” said Rolando Perez, Project Manager of Rabalais I & E Constructors’ Instrumentation & Systems Integration Division. “When oilfields become prolific, such as the Eagle Ford Shale has, many mechanical and roustabout companies enter the market to provide instrumentation and process tubing services. Unfortunately, many of these companies are unaware of the critical nature of correct insertion of the tubing and fittings. We’ve been called to remedy faulty installations time and time again,” said Darrell Harned, Vice President of Instrumentation & Systems Integration.

Instrumentation and process systems regulate interface levels in tanks to separate oil and water, so oil can be trucked to refineries for processing or to the nearest port for shipment. “Faulty instrumentation or process systems can cause lower pricing for your product, as the oil is “contaminated” by excess water,” said Harned.

Rabalais Instrument & Electrical Constructors has served the oilfield, refining and petrochemical industries nationwide for 30 years. Located just 60 miles from the Eagle Ford Shale, in Corpus Christi, Texas, the company employs several hundred certified and trained electricians, instrumentation, RTU/SCADA and system integration specialists. With offices in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Midland/Odessa and Louisiana, the company has long term relationships with some of the biggest names in the petroleum industry…NuStar, Anadarko, Chesapeake, Citgo, Valero, Texas Star and Exxon to name but a few, both in the field and in the refineries.

Rabalais provides installation, calibration, and loop check of all types of pneumatic/electronic instrumentation utilized for control and monitoring of process systems. The company’s NCCER Certified Instrument Fitters and Instrument Technicians can assist you on any new construction, revamp, maintenance, or turnaround project nationwide. Rabalais addresses the client’s business needs through conceptual design while utilizing state of the art construction disciplines to examine the entire scopesolenoid shutdown system #1 of the project. Its project managers and team leaders incorporate all project issues to provide the greatest potential of success for clients, including cost improvement, life cycle expenditures, capital cost expenditures, project management, scheduling, procurement, installation, process training, service and maintenance.

Rabalais’ extensive experience in all types of industrial processing facilities has allowed the firm to create a safe and productive working environment that exceeds all national standards for the industry. It takes pride in its unique ability to integrate disparate systems to increase efficiency and production.

The company’s capabilities include:

  • Installation of Pneumatic / Electronic / Hydraulic Instrumentation per client standards & specifications
  • Select and procure material per client specification
  • Design and fabricate elaborate tubing tray support systems
  • Interpretation of client drawings and specifications
  • Installation / Design of Steam and Electric Trace Systems
  • Install Pneumatic, Process Impulse, Sample and Hydraulic Tubing Systems
  • Instrument & Electrical construction, maintenance and turnaround services
  • Project estimating, planning and scheduling
  • P&ID walkdowns
  • Constructability reviews
  • Steam tracing
  • System Maintenance

In refineries, as in the field, Instrument Calibration is critical to a successful installation of any instrument system. Accuracy of the information produced by any instrument is dependent on proper calibration. OEM-stated procedures are used by Rabalais technicians to correct any inaccuracies and document findings. Services are offered in your facility without removal of the equipment or disturbing normal process operations. Rabalais saves time and cost during construction of your project by performing Field and Bench Calibrations prior to installation. The company calibrates, certifies and documents every instrument. Pre-installed instruments are field calibrated. All Calibration Services include complete control loop testing.

“Experience has taught us that project success requires early planning, continual monitoring, and full, open and regular communication with our clients. Rabalais programmers are experts in System Integration Design, providing interfaces and implementing complex control strategies,” said Harned.

Since all departments necessary for successful integration are in-house at Rabalais, the firm is a single source for a complete turnkey control system project of exceptional quality. Formal project management methodology is used on every project. Rabalais’ mission is to ensure clients receive cost-effective solutions, reduced down time, and are provided total asset protection.

From initial design and consultation, through system development, commissioning and support, Rabalais’ innovative control and automation solutions keep your systems online.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems are integral to safe plant operations. Rabalais provides the following services for PLCs:

  1. Control logic for various PLC & hardware vendor
    • relay ladder logic
    • function block diagram
    • sequential function chart
    • structure text
    • instruction list
  2. Operator interface hardware programming (character displays to graphical touch screens)
  3. UL control system panels
  4. Fully documented control logic programs
  5. PID loop control programming and fine tuning
  6. Dial-up program support
  7. Industrial communication layout design and implementation (Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Modibus, Profibus & others)

Rabalais is a recognized leader in the petrochemical, refining and oilfield services industry. The company’s EMR safety record is unmatched, and its many safety awards attest to its commitment to training its staff for excellence.

“We always find it interesting how many companies we compete with during “boom” periods,” said Harned with a chuckle. “Rabalais has spent three decades investing in state of the art technology to provide top quality electrical, instrumentation, system integration and RTU/SCADA programming for our valued friends in the industry. When all the others leave, Rabalais is still growing our clients’ revenues and maintaining their projects and plants safely.”

For more information on how Rabalais Instrument & Electrical Constructors can enhance your bottom line, call 361-242-3121 or visit

Heartland Energy Group Opens Another Location

Company Offers Green Products Throughout the United States

Heartland Energy Group, Ltd (HEG) is excited to announce our Grand Opening in San Antonio, TX. In addition to our Texas plant, we have other facilities strategically placed throughout the United States to enable us to service all your Oil and Gas needs!

HEG offers proven technologies for the safe replacement of dangerous acids, caustics, solvents, surfactants and other companion products. Our green chemistries meet or exceed the EPA’s strict approval guidelines and are formulated with the ingredients listed on CleanGredients and the EPA’s Design for the Environment inventory list. These formulas represent a series of green chemistries that are functional yet safe alternatives, not only for the oil and gas companies who use them, but the citizens who live and work around major oil and gas activity. DfE approvals serve as a benchmark to answer the ongoing environmental questions about the safety of the products that are being used in our world daily.

2015-04-13_0832HEG’s products represent a significant advancement in allowing companies to “Go Green” and to offer a truly effective and safer alternative to problems that have plagued the industry for decades. These problems include hazardous transportation issues, containment, exposure and safety of personnel to toxic chemicals, groundwater contamination issues caused from hydraulic fracturing and the destruction of industry related equipment due to corrosive chemistries. The solution? Green chemistry products like the HCl substitute created by the experts at Heartland Energy Group, Ltd.

Steve Rowley, President of HEG, was recently asked about the growing company’s continued success. He offered the following comment, “We are extremely blessed, honored and excited about having bricks and mortar in South Texas. We are a very conservative company and could no longer ignore the enormous demand that our customers have been placing on us about being in Texas. We have responded and our Texas customers will recognize an immediate savings on freight expenses alone and the ability to receive inventory right away. We look forward to serving the Texas area and are currently looking at other opportunities in the Bakken.”

2015-04-13_0831HEG will continue to manufacture, innovate and pioneer new “GO GREEN” technologies that truly improve our environment and offer functional replacements for harsh acids, caustics and solvents, notably our flagship HCl substitute. This technology will further enhance and eliminate the need for dangerous chemicals associated with stimulation and production chemicals. Most importantly, we listen to the needs of our customers and implement environmentally safe solutions. Our green technologies, personal touch and commitment to quality set us apart from other companies in our growing industry.


Bradleys, Inc. Earns Prestigious TECO-Westinghouse Blue Diamond Award

Outstanding Excellence for Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service
Blue Diamond Award

Bradleys Wins Blue Diamond Award 2013

Bradleys, Inc., a nationally-recognized leader in the electric motor repair industry, is pleased to have been recognized as a TECO-Westinghouse Blue Diamond Tier I Supplier for 2013.  Bradleys has provided large electric motor repair, rewinding, horizontal and vertical motor load testing, CNC machining, field services, new motor sales, and climate-controlled motor storage to petrochemical, refining, manufacturing and mining industries for over 85 years. The company’s 110,000 square foot facility rests in the heart of South Texas, just sixty miles from the prolific Eagle Ford Shale oil fields, and employs over 100 motor repair and testing professionals.

The prestigious Blue Diamond Tier I Award is awarded to less than 1% of all TECO-Westinghouse suppliers worldwide. The award scoring process requires outstanding excellence in the following areas: Quality, Cost, Delivery and Service.

“A supplier has to rank at 95% or above in all four categories to be recognized as a Tier I supplier, said a TECO-Westinghouse’s Supply Chain spokesperson, “and it takes a solid 98% to reach a level of excellence worthy of a Blue Diamond Award.” “Time and time again, Bradleys has continued to prove itself a reliable and dependable organization, meeting our delivery schedules, and providing high quality service, while maintaining competitive pricing. These are only a few reasons Bradleys, Inc. was selected to receive the Blue Diamond Award. The Blue Diamond Award is only given to those suppliers that are the best of the best,” he said.

In addition to the Blue Diamond Award, TECO-Westinghouse also awarded Bradleys the “Outstanding Delivery” Award and the “Outstanding Quality” Award for 2013. Bradleys’ performance in these areas ranked at 100%.

“Bradleys is honored to have received the Blue Diamond award,” said Jim Williams, Jr., CEO of Bradleys. “The recognition of our team’s customer-driven focus and performance is much appreciated.”

# # #

For more information, visit, or call Darlene Gregory at 361-904-0044 or email

Shale EnviroSafe Summit in San Antonio, TX – Dec. 2, 2014 – Press Release

One-Day Event Focused on Environmental, Health, Safety, and Regulatory Considerations

The Shale EnviroSafe Summit will take place December 2nd at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The Summit is a one-day event focused on environmental, health, safety and regulatory considerations for shale plays across the U.S. The event was designed to bring together like-minded EH&S professionals to network and discuss important industry issues in one concentrated, fast-moving day.

The Shale EnviroSafe Summit will host six educational sessions, along with an introductory breakfast and a closing networking reception. Sessions include community interaction and engagement; transportation issues; safety in rural and residential areas; specialized emergency response; case studies; and managing short service employees. Each of the six sessions will feature experts from companies such as Shell, ConocoPhillips, Union Pacific Railroad, Marathon Oil, Hilcorp Energy, and more.

To register or view the latest updates on Shale EnviroSafe, visit For information on attendance or sponsoring opportunities, please contact Marketing Manager Carey Buchholtz at 713.343.1878.



Carey Buchholtz
Marketing Manager

Braun Intertec Expands Operations to Texas – Press Release

Engineering, Consulting and Testing Firm With 30 Years of Oil & Gas Industry Experience

Braun Intertec, one of the Upper Midwest’s premier engineering, consulting and testing firms, expands its operations to San Antonio, Texas, to support the oil and gas industry in the Eagle Ford Shale area and the surrounding infrastructure. The office will offer nondestructive examination, geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, construction materials testing, and building sciences services.

Braun Intertec anticipates the new office location in San Antonio will allow its experienced engineers, scientists and field personnel to deliver the level of service and technical expertise needed in the booming oil and gas industry in Texas. The Eagle Ford Shale area is one of the most active shale plays in the world and continues to profoundly impact the community and economic development of South Texas.

With the company’s more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry combined with the Texas-based, local leadership at the San Antonio office, Braun Intertec is prepared to serve the thriving industry in Texas.

Gary Kelley, business unit manager at the Braun Intertec San Antonio office, says, “As a native Texan, I’m excited to join the Braun Intertec team. I am more than confident the unique and varied skill set offered by Braun Intertec paired with the local expertise of our San Antonio business unit leaders will be able to keep pace with the immediate and growing needs of the Eagle Ford Shale community as well as the corresponding expansions in the industrial, municipal and private sectors.”

For more information about Braun Intertec, visit or chat with us on Twitter @Braunintertec.

About Braun Intertec

Based in Minneapolis, employee-owned Braun Intertec ( is a premier engineering, environmental consulting and testing firm with more than 600 employees located in multiple Twin Cities offices, as well as in Duluth, Hibbing, Mankato, Rochester, and St. Cloud, Minnesota. Braun Intertec also has offices in Bismarck, Dickinson, West Fargo, and Minot, North Dakota; La Crosse and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and San Antonio, Texas. Braun Intertec subsidiaries include Agile Frameworks, LLC, Braun Intertec Geothermal, LLC, both based in Minneapolis.



Tiffany DeMuth


Flare Gas Measurement Package Brings Oil & Gas Companies into Compliance with Federal Mandate – Press Release

Thermal Instrument Company Offers a Complete Reliable Flare Gas Flow Measurement

Reliable, Low Cost Flare Gas Metering for Emissions Reporting

Pennsylvania-based Thermal Instrument Company, a 55 year old designer and manufacturer of industrial precision made thermal mass flow meters, has recently launched its flare gas flow measurement system for use in the upstream oil & gas exploration areas. This flare gas flow metering package brings companies into mandated monitoring compliance on flared emissions as stated by state and federal regulatory agencies. This Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Rule, 40 CFR Part 98, Subpart W is pertinent to reporting requirements and data collection for the upstream oil & gas exploration industry.

In March, 2014, the U.S. EPA published some proposed revisions to this 40 CFR Part 98, Subpart W to include general applicability, revised calculation methods and reporting requirements for specified emission sources within the source category, and some other changes to monitoring standards. Additionally, a Subpart OOOO (Quad O) has become another EPA standard for upstream & midstream gas exploration emissions compliance that must be met.

There are a small handful of oil & gas exploration companies taking the proactive approach early on to engineer the flow monitoring instrumentation onto the well pad site for monitoring the mass flow exiting the flare. At this point, the EPA has defined January 1, 2015 as a technically feasible date when the proposed revisions will be effective for this mandated monitoring and recording of flow exiting the flares at oil & gas exploration well sites.

In cooperation with a major gas exploration company in the Texas area of the Eagle Ford Shale formation, Thermal Instrument Company enhanced and completed their total flow monitoring system. Even with changes in gas composition, the flow monitoring system from Thermal Instrument Company was very repeatable and accurate and the customer was amazed at the less than five minute start-up time. The system can vary from just the flow measurement design to the whole package including solar panels, totalization module, and battery management hardware.

For more information on this flare gas flow system, contact Thermal Instrument Company at (215) 355-8400.

Titanium Exploration Partners and Castlelake Form Joint Venture – Press Release

Companies To Acquire Non-operated Oil and Gas Working Interests in the Eagle Ford

Dallas and Minneapolis – May 29, 2014 – Titanium Exploration Partners, LLC (TEP) and Castlelake, L.P., a global institutional alternative investment firm, today announced the formation of a joint venture to pursue investments in non-operated oil and gas assets in unconventional resource plays in the United States. The joint venture will make investments via acquisitions from sellers of non-operated working interests, strategic partnerships with operators and organic leasing. The joint venture will initially focus on the Eagle Ford Shale and may expand to other opportunities over time.

“This joint venture combines the expertise of Titanium Exploration Partners with the resources of Castlelake and the capital they manage,” said Chip Simmons, CEO of Titanium. “Having a strong capital partner like Castlelake will allow us to expedite the investment and acquisition process for the benefit of our operating partners, sellers of non-operated working interests and landowners.”

TEP will act as asset manager in the joint venture, responsible for sourcing opportunities, negotiating and structuring the investments, and managing acquired assets. Through its funds, Castlelake will provide capital together with its expertise in the energy industry. The firm will also guide sourcing, as well as provide strategic and economic direction for the joint venture.

“The joint venture brings together Titanium’s specialized expertise and our unique approach to investing in illiquid assets where long-term capital is of significant value,” said Luke Beltnick, Managing Director of Castlelake. “As development in the Eagle Ford Shale grows, so too does the need for capital to facilitate these transactions, and Castlelake is in a unique position to meet the needs of all parties involved.”

Castlelake has invested more than $600 million in the energy industry. Formed in 2005, the global institutional alternative investment firm has $3.6 billion in assets under management and focuses on deep value, asset rich opportunities across capital structures, industries, and geographies.

About Titanium Exploration Partners

TitaniumTitanium Exploration Partners is a Dallas-based investment firm focused on the acquisition and development of non-operated oil and gas assets in leading unconventional resource plays across the United States. Titanium is building a diverse portfolio of assets through partnerships with established operators, acquisitions of non-operated working interests and royalty interests and leasing. Titanium is currently focused on the Eagle Ford Shale, while also considering investments in other top unconventional resource plays, including the Bakken, Marcellus, Utica and Niobrara formations, and the Permian Basin. Titanium was founded by Chip Simmons, CEO; Peter Halloran, Managing Director; and Brennan Potts, Managing Director.

About Castlelake, L.P.

CastleLakeCastlelake, L.P. is a global institutional alternative investment firm focused on deep value, asset rich opportunities. Castlelake today has $3.6 billion of assets under management. Castlelake has more than 60 professionals based in its Minneapolis, Minnesota and London offices. For more information please visit or contact Castlelake at (612) 851-3150.

# # #

Titanium Exploration Partners
Brennan Potts, Managing Director, 214-549-3652

Castlelake, L.P.
Peter H. Glerum, 612-851-3100

Tom Laughran, 312-729-3719

The Vetergy Group Proudly Welcomes CSM(ret) Christopher “Ck” Kurinec to Its Elite Force – Press Release

Vetergy Recruits and Trains Veterans for Opportunities in the Oil & Gas Industry

The Vetergy Group is proud to announce that Christopher “Ck” Kurinec is joining Vetergy’s management team. Chris served for twenty-five years in the active U.S. Army with leadership assignments in both conventional Infantry and Special Operations units. In the last 17 years of active duty, he was assigned to a Special Mission Unit at Fort Bragg, NC as part of the United States Army Special Operations Command where he gained extensive leadership, operational and training experience serving in every position of leadership within the organization, including Assaulter, Sniper, Team Leader, Troop Sergeant Major, Squadron Operations SGM, and Detachment Operations SGM. He culminated his military career as a Command Sergeant Major of an operational squadron.

For his exceptional bravery, Chris was awarded the Silver Star along with two other valor awards, presented with three Purple Hearts and was the very first recipient of the USSOCOM Dick Meadows Award for Heroism.

Since leaving his active duty career, Chris has continued to serve as a Wounded Warrior Recovery Advocate for the USSOCOM Care Coalition helping our most significantly wounded Special Operations Forces warriors recover from their wounds. The experience of supporting these incredibly brave wounded warriors and their families fuels Chris’ passion to help veterans find meaningful and productive solutions.

After his military service, Chris has provided performance improvement coaching to drilling crews and other supporting infrastructure in the oil & natural gas industry. Chris has learned that matching veteran skills with the energy sector is a natural path that has not been exploited with the proper amount of focus and determination. Chris’ ability to translate the diverse experience and capabilities of veterans to immediate needs in the energy sector aligns his desire with the mission of The Vetergy Group. Chris is passionate about helping veterans transfer their unique goals to the emerging demands of the energy industry that genuinely needs their skills and inherent discipline.

The profound impact of supporting each other has a unique meaning for Chris and Vetergy’s founder, David Wilbur. Chris and David met twice over 15 years in very different circumstances before they ever shook hands.

“I’m on the long list of folks who have had to bail him out of trouble,” David says with a smile as he reminisces on a night when enemy combatants near the city of Haditha in the Al Anbar province of Iraq had engaged Chris’ unit during OPERATION Iraqi Freedom. “I was leading a section of F/A-18s overhead to provide close air support to the ground operations when the call came for help. Fortunately because of the sensor technology we had available and the proficiency of our aircrew, we were able to deploy a Laser Maverick into the enemy position, confuse the enemy and allow Chris’ unit to regain the offensive. I’d always believed the weapon shacked the target,” David recalls describing a direct hit, “until Chris and I first made the connection working in the oilfield on the North Slope of Alaska.”

“That’s not exactly true” Chris says, “the Maverick came in high and missed the target, but actually managed to hit the opposition on the run as they fled their bunker.”

After their reunion on the North Slope, Chris and David retraced their careers and discovered several other encounters they had had over their many years of service. “It just reminds you that intersections between our lives and those we come in contact with are not accidental,” David said. “There’s definitely a bigger picture and a Divine appointment.”

“There is a natural symmetry between working for the Department of Defense and in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry,” says Chris. “As a veteran, you protect the American way of life…as a worker in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry, you are responsible for helping to create the American way of life.”

The Vetergy Group is honored to have Mr. Kurinec, a true American hero, join our team.

Contact: Traylor Lovvorn
Toll Free: 844-VETERGY (838-3749)
Houston, Texas 77005

About The Vetergy Group

VETERGY is fully committed to the mission of delivering reliable human performance to the oil & natural gas industry through a proven manpower supply channel that is globally deployable. We recognize the urgency for this demand and can scale to meet the market call. For more information, visit VETERGY at or call 844-VETERGY (838-3749).

Vetergy Group Seeking U.S. Military Veterans for Oil & Gas Jobs – Press Release

~500,000 Oil & Gas Related Jobs Will Become Available Over the Next 7 Years

The Vetergy Group is Seeking US Military Veterans To Join An Elite Group Aimed at Filling Immediate Vacancies in Oil & Natural Gas

“The oil and natural gas industry is projected to create another 500,000 jobs over the next seven years, and we’re going to need a trained and skilled workforce in order to continue to produce and to refine and transport the oil and natural gas we use right here in the United States.” -Jack Gerard, API President

Energy independence and “The Great Crew Change” have created tremendous opportunities for motivated talent to access rewarding careers in Oil and Natural Gas (O&NG). Job creators will need to fill hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of jobs in the next decade.

The VETERGY GROUP identifies and aligns US Military veterans with the attitude and aptitude required to deliver exceptional performance in today’s modern petroleum industry.

VETERGY locates and screens veterans, then enhances their capabilities through an on-line education management tool powered by SkillGRID®, the industry’s leading fit-for-purpose eLearning delivery solution.  Candidates receive International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) accredited high-impact, multimedia learning programs focused on basic oilfield technology before they are presented for interview.  This process not only offers ‘ready-to-work’ candidates, but also ensures that individuals have demonstrated their motivation by completing the rigorous program.

VETERGY is veteran owned and industry seasoned.  David Wilbur, the founder and President, accrued more than 4000 hours in fixed-wing tactical military aircraft during aircraft carrier and shore-based operations including combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Since retiring from the Marines, David has worked in various roles with major operators, drilling contractors, service contractors and contingent labor staffing agencies from the rig floor / dog house to the leadership team. David has developed a clear understanding of the skill requirements and parallel demand for flawless human performance in the oilfield. The suitability of using the comparable skills and proven discipline of military veterans to work in the oilfield is unmistakable.

VETERGY works closely with our veteran applicants to accelerate their transition into the commercial workforce.  We map a veteran’s capabilities with our clients’ needs, deeply understanding and addressing performance gaps so that staffing requirements are optimized.

VETERGY is fully committed to the mission of delivering reliable human performance to the oil & natural gas industry through a proven manpower supply channel that is globally deployable.  We recognize the urgency for this demand and can scale our concept to meet the market call.

Immediate openings are available for veterans with the following skills:

  • Boatswains Mate
  • Communications & Information Technology
  • Diving
  • Electrician
  • Engineering – all types
  • Environmental
  • Explosives
  • Facilities Management
  • Fire Fighting
  • Food Services
  • Ground Safety
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • Management
  • Maritime
  • Motor Transport (All types of heavy equipment)
  • Occupational Health
  • Security / Police
  • Ship’s Company
  • Training & Education
  • Utilities
  • Warehousing
  • Waste Management
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Welding

For more information, visit VETERGY at or call 844-VETERGY (838-3749)

2nd Annual Eagle Ford Shale Expo & Conference in Corpus Christi in April – Press Release

Exhibitors, Supporters and Speakers Welcome for Three Day Event
Eagle Ford Shale Magazine

Eagle Ford Shale Expo & Conference | Click to Enlarge

(Corpus Christi, TX)  Texas Eagle Ford Shale Magazine officials are extremely excited to announce expo details and put a call-out for exhibitors, supporters and speakers to participate in the upcoming 2nd Annual Texas Eagle Ford Shale Exposition and Service Company Conference. [Read more…]