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Logistics MLPs Trade At Multiples of 3-5 Times More Than Refineries
Valero Logistics Growth Investments

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Valero has filed a registration statement with the SEC for the initial public offering of Valero Energy Partners (VLP).

VLP will serve as a vehicle for dropping down (selling) logistics assets from Valero. Logistics assets include everything that helps Valero delivery quality crude to its refineries: pipelines, rail cars, rail unloading, barges, ships, docks, tanks, etc.

Logistics MLPs trade at 10-15 times EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization), while refineries trade at just 3-5 times EBITDA. That alone provides for incentive to spin off the assets to create value. Add the fact that more than 40% of Valero’s investments are in logistics assets and its easy to see why VLP could easily be a stand along company.

Eagle Ford assets will likely be included in the initial transaction:

Valero Energy Partners LP expects its initial assets to include crude oil and refined petroleum products pipeline and terminal systems in the Gulf Coast and Mid-Continent regions of the United States that are integral to the operations of Valero’s refinery located in Port Arthur, Texas, its McKee refinery located in Sunray, Texas, and its refinery located in Memphis, Tennessee.

Before the company can go public, the Valero board will need to approve the spin off and a management team will need to be assembled.

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