Energy Transfer Will Convert an Eagle Ford Gas Pipeline to Liquids to Supply Trafigura Terminal in Corpus Christi

Pipeline Will Have Capacity to Move 100,000 b/d of Crude Oil & Condensate
Trafigura Terminals Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi

Trafigura Terminals’ Eagle Ford Port in Corpus Christi | Click to Enlarge

Energy Transfer has reached an agreement with Trafigura for liquids capacity that supports the development of a pipeline supplying the Port of Corpus Christi.

Energy Transfer will utilize existing infrastructure to construct an 82-mile, 100,000 b/d pipeline system from McMullen County to the Port of Corpus Christi.

Leveraging underutilized natural gas pipelines allows Energy Transfer to have the pipeline running in 9-12 months.

“This pipeline combined with our deep-water terminal enables Trafigura to offer a complete solution to producers who seek to take Eagle Ford to the broader market,” said Jeff Kopp, Trafigura’s Director of Oil for North America.
Oil Tanker Leaving Port of Corpus Christi

Empty Oil Tanker Leaving Port of Corpus Christi – Click to Enlarge

The pipeline will deliver crude to Trafigura’s Port of Corpus Christi Terminal, where a $500 million construction project is underway on a second deep-water dock that is 850 ft long and has a draft of 45 ft. Once complete, the terminal will be able to handle Aframax vessels (245 meters or ~800 ft long). Aframax ships are medium-sized oil tankers with capacity of approximately 750,000 barrels.

Trafigura states the facility will be able to handle three medium range tankers and two inland barges at one time.

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