Truckers Wanted! – Eagle Ford Drivers in High Demand

Eagle Ford truck driving jobs are in high demand. That’s not news to those in South Texas that see the billboards and hear the pay rates. Sign on bonuses in the thousands of dollars are becoming more common and hourly rates can reach higher than $30.¬†

The pay is good, but finding qualified candidates is not. published an article  yesterday that provides more background on the number of openings and the obstacles to hiring.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

  • San Antonio is losing drivers to the Eagle Ford
  • Pay ranges from 25,000-80,000 for most jobs
  • Background checks and drug test eliminate 50% of those apply for the positions
  • Coastal Bend College is working to train CDL drivers
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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

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R.T. is the managing editor of In prior roles, he advised major oil companies on strategy, the macro business environment, and opportunity screening. 2503 Robinhood, Houston, TX, 77005, U.S.A. | Telephone: 832.429.4790


  1. hughcapet says:

    Hey all you young folks who have bills to pay, children to be fed, and a mortgage or rent due, this is the best opportunity in a lifetime to make something of yourself and make your wife proud. Back in the early 80’s there was an oil boom then, and I jumped on it, learned how to drive a semi – paid for by the company I might add, had first hand experience working around a typical oil/gas rig. I was in my mid to late 30’s, and for a former desk jockey I did pretty well and made terrific wages to boot. Sure I sacrificed by pulling out of the big city to live in small dingy motels and sometimes laying out under the stars in some S.Texas cow paddy. But the money was great! While the rest of this country wallows in unemployment and government assistance, break loose from the bonds and take advantage of this economic boom that is in our own back yard! This is the best time economically in almost 100 years, so get after it son!

    • I obtained my TX Class-A C.D.L. T&N ~ drove to Karnes City / Kenedy the day of the Floresville Job Fair then later went to Giddings & Gonazles after reading reports here thinking that I would get hired.

      What I have been told is insurance companies will not allow the vacuum tanker operators to hire with under 1-3 years of “experience” – which statement is actually “time / miles running DOT Regulated”

      Every vacuum tanker operator maintained some statement of same general nature. I have dug all of the job-boards with the same result.

    • R.T. Dukes RT Dukes says:

      Mr. Jordan, Our South Texas Oilfield Jobs Board is the best place to apply for open positions.

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