TexStar Midstream Buys Tierra Pipeline & Transportation Assets

140-Mile Pipeline, 60 Employees, & 35 Tractor Trailers
Tierra Pipeline Map

Tierra Pipeline Map | Click to Enlarge

TexStar Midstream and affiliated companies have agreed to buy Tierra Pipeline, LP, and Tierra Transportation.

TexStar Midstream Services will operate the Tierra Pipeline and Black Creek Well Services will operate Tierra Transportation. Black Creek Well Services is a sister company to TexStar Midstream.

The primary assets trading hands are:

  • Tierra Pipeline – 140-mile pipeline with right-of-way from San Antonio to Corpus Christi
  • Tierra Transportation – 60 employees and 35 tractor trailers
Phil Mezey , CEO of TexStar Midstream and Black Creek, states, “We have been talking to Tierra on and off for years. The time was finally right for us to move. We are extremely excited about having Tierra Pipeline and Tierra Transportation as part of our asset base and team. We are buying this because we really like the business that Tierra has built and we want to grow it.”
Tierra Companies CEO, Glen Gonzalez , states, “As we have always known, both the Tierra Pipeline and Tierra Transportation assets are strategically located in Central Texas. A multi-line right-of-way that extends from San Antonio to Corpus Christi and intersects the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale has proven to be a unique asset;”

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