Texas Outranks OPEC Nations

State Tops World in Natural Gas Production
Texas Leads in Natural Gas

Texas Leads in Natural Gas | click to enlarge

The latest figures from the American Petroleum Institute (API) reveal that many individual states now outstrip whole countries when it comes to natural gas production. And, not surprisingly, Texas is on top.

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Texas leads the world by producing 18.81 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, more than more than any member of OPEC. Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Colorado all rank among the top 20 energy-producing nations in the world.

The Lone Star State also leads in crude oil production and is ranked 8th in overall global production. The Eagle Ford Shale alone accounts for more than 1.5-million barrels of crude oil per day.

“This is what energy security looks like,” Tracee Bentley, head of the Colorado Petroleum Council, said. “Thanks to innovations in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, Colorado now outpaces seven of 12 OPEC nations in natural gas production.”

OPEC’s announcement last Friday that it will stick with its policy to produce oil at a high rate, has not intimidated American shale producers.

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