Recycling Waste Water is Big Business

It's a shift from deep injection wells and lessens the stress on fresh water sources

About one-third of the water used to complete a well flows back when the well is brought to production.  The rest is produced throughout the life of the well. Recycling waste water is a shift for the industry.  Historically, waste water was disposed of through treatment plants, injection wells, and evaporation ponds.

Recycling Waste Water Answers Many Concerns

As the volume of water used in hydraulic fracturing has grown, operators have explored alternate solutions. The popularity of recycling water is growing as operators look for a cheaper solution to drilling deep injection wells, as they look for more environmentally friendly options, and as they combat concerns of scarce water.

You can read more at our Eagle Ford Water page and this article that details a few companies offering new solutions.

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  1. jess perry says:

    what about gasfrac?? fracing without water, no cleanup, faster production, no toxic metals coming out of
    well with water?? what do you think??

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