Nordheim Citizens Sue Texas Railroad Commission

Waste Site not Welcome in Eagle Ford Town
Lawsuit Against RRC

Citizens Sue Texas RRC

A group of citizens from one Eagle Ford town is suing the Texas Railroad Commission over plans for a waste site in their community.

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Folks in Nordheim, TX, population 316, have been waging war for several years against Pyote Reclamation Systems over a proposed waste site that borders their small Dewitt County town.

Residents have sent over 200 protest letters, showed up at RRC meetings and started a non-profit form Concerned About Pollution.

When the Texas Railroad Commission permitted the waste project in May, the group filed a lawsuit against the state’s regulatory agency.

The 143-acre waste pit would store drill cuttings, oil-based muds, fracking sand and other toxic oilfield leftovers. Citizens are concerned over potential safety issues such as increased truck traffic, the proximity to schools and the inability of the fire department to respond to a fire.

Even RRC Commissioner Ryan Sitton wasn’t keen on the waste site but said he had no other choice but to approve it.

Commissioner Ryan Sitton asked Pyote’s attorney “Does your client understand the social license to operate they have asked for here? I’ll be candid. I don’t like the site.”
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