Nat G CNG Solutions Opens Natural Gas Vehicle Center Near San Antonio – Press Release

New Center Will Convert New and Existing Vehicle Engines to Natural Gas
Nat G CNG Solutions Vehicle

Nat G CNG Solutions Vehicle | Click to Enlarge

Nat G CNG Solutions has opened a new natural gas vehicle solutions center in Converse, just outside of San Antonio.

The center will provide natural gas vehicle upgrades for both new and in-service vehicles, as well as fueling solutions for both private and large commercial fleets.

“South Texas is a leading producer of natural gas, and until now, there have been very limited options for fleets and consumers to convert their vehicles to cleaner burning Texas fuel,” said State Representative Jason Isaac. “Due in part to the success of our energy industry, Texas is leading the nation in job creation. I am delighted to see Nat G making this commitment to the greater San Antonio area and helping South Texas make the switch to Natural Gas Vehicles.”

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