Life in the Eagle Ford Shale

You can bet life in the Eagle Ford Shale is more prosperous than it was a few short years ago. Salaries often reach higher than $100,000 per year, but schedules can be difficult and the hours long. Even with the sacrifice, it’s an easy decision for those looking to make a little more for their families. 

The Houston Chronicle did a complete write up on life in the play over the weekend. You can read the entire article at

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

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  1. Vicki Smith says:

    THIS IS THE COMMENT I POSTED TO THE HOUSTON CHRONICLES ARTICLE ONLINE……………I obviously get tired of reading only about how Men do this and that! I also have a husband down here working with me who is one of those “men”, however, I found the perfect opportunity to get on my soap box!

    Kudos to a well written article about working in the Eagle Ford Shale! However, as always, it’s “all about the men”! Being a woman, who has worked in Oil & Gas in different regions for the past several years, I find it interesting that there would be no mention of the thousands of us who are down here – also many miles away from our homes and making sacrifices while reaping the benefits. It’s no wonder there are so many “Man Camps” down here for all the RV’s and workers, but no “Woman Camps”! Seems the media one more time drives the retail and housing to what they choose! Just once, I’d like for it to be “All about the Women”!

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