Is the Eaglebine Ready To Take Off?

Drilling in 2013 Will Determine The Extent Of The Play
Halcon Resources Eaglebine Map

Halcon Resources Lease Map

Drilling results in the Eaglebine have been relatively quiet, but operators have leased aggressively in Brazos, Leon, Madison, Walker, and Grimes counties for a few years now.

Halcon Resources will be driving the charge. The company plans to spend almost $500 million and will run 5-7 rigs in the area this year. Encana plans to run a rig as well.

With a few rigs running, we’ll know a lot more sooner than later. A ZaZa Energy representative shared his thoughts on the play at an AAPG meeting in San Antonio this past week.

Thomas Bowman, Geophysics at ZaZa Energy, stated “This is everything you want except for six months of production”

I take that to mean well results look promising. The main operators with permits and significant acreage include:

  • Crimson Exploration
  • Encana
  • Halcon Resources
  • EOG Resources

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