EOG Eagle Ford Well Produces 7,500 Barrels in 24 hours – Regional Record

Assuming a 75% Decline, The Well Will Eclipse 1 Million Barrels In Year 1
EOG Eagle Ford Oil Well Record Production

Recent EOG Eagle Ford oil well produces more than 7,500 barrels of oil in one day! | Click to Enlarge

EOG filed a completion report with the Texas Railroad Commission in May that detailed a well test that produced over 8,600 boe/d from the Eagle Ford.

In a 24-hour test, EOG operated well produced 7,513 barrels of oil and 6.8 mmcf of natural gas.

The well is located 15 miles south of Gonzales just east of 183 on the Gonzales – DeWitt county line. The well was drilled to a measured depth of 17,364 ft. The measured depth includes a horizontal lateral of a little more than 5,300 ft.

At the time of the test, the well had already produced 40,121 barrels of oil. The well is situated on a 375.87 acre lease, so I’d say it’s going to make for a happy royalty owner.

UPDATE 08/07/2013 Details on the Burrow Unit 5H well were included in EOG’s second quarter earnings release. The announced IP was a little more than 9,200 boe/d from a long lateral (~7,500 ft). After 30 days, the well was producing 4,265 barrels of oil per day!

The completion report included the following:

  • The well was tested for 24 hours on May 25, 2013
  • Choke size was 38/64ths
  • Casing pressure of 3,799 psi
  • 7,513 barrels of oil produced
  • 6,877 mcf of natural gas produced
  • 1,378 barrels of water produced

Well EUR In The Millions

This will be an interesting well to watch over the next year. If you assume the well produces 5,000 b/d of oil in the first month and has a decline rate of 75% in the first year, it will easily eclipse 1,000,000 million barrels of oil production. That’s a million barrels in the first year!

If the decline rate is closer to 90% in the first year, the well will produce more than 700,000 barrels of oil and be on path to eclipse 1 million barrels of production in year two.

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

Managing Editor at EagleFordShale.com
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  1. I read a few of your posts regarding EOG’s Burrow #5H. Thought you might be interested to know that the 5H has produced less than 10BOPD since August. So much for the 75% decline rate assumption. The other 4 are holding up better, incidentally.

  2. LONNIE GOMEZ says:

    wait is still right behind the flint man 8,000
    b/d per/day
    oil in maverick county in
    in 1980 austin chalk oil and gas boom.
    sorry eog ,pop.

  3. Jerry Parker says:

    Great report and very timely for the upcoming Sanchez meeting in Flatonia! This report should liven up the troops that have been rather quiet for some time now.

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