Eagle Ford Shale Well Map – 3,700 Permits – 1,500 Producing – March 2012

Will More Than 2,500 Wells Be Drilled In 2012?
Eagle Ford Shale Well Map

Eagle Ford Well Map - Click to Enlarge

As of March 15, 2012, the Texas Railroad Commission reported almost 3,700 permits had been submitted, with 954 oil wells and 578 gas wells on schedule. That’s up from ~1,900 permits, with 194 oil wells and 249 gas wells on schedule in June of 2011. That means the industry brought on almost 1,100 wells in 9 months. Add in the many gathering delays in 2011 and that number could have been even higher. In 2012, don’t be surprised if as many as 2,500 wells are brought to production.

Also, note the difference in the proportion of oil vs. gas wells. In June of 2011, 56% of producing wells were considered “gas” wells, but in March of 2012 that number had fallen to just 38%. That’s a direct reflection of the commodity markets. Natural gas is at multi-decade lows, while oil has held strong above $100 per barrel.

Do you think 2,500 Eagle Ford wells will be drilled this year? Use the comments below to share your thoughts.

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

Managing Editor at EagleFordShale.com
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  1. While I have no factual basis to make an accurate prediction; based on current trends (both up and down) and the near impossibility of oil dropping below $100/bl, 2500 seems well within reach. If markets drop drastically for both oil and gas, then all bets will be off. With existing political climate the demand for product should sustain the drive to drill. Just an opinion.

  2. Dianne Feray says:

    How many of these wells are leased to Conoco/Phillips?

  3. aeroguy48 says:

    We would hope at least 2500 wells drilled and producing in 2012.

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