Eagle Ford Shale From Space – Updated NASA Photo

Rig Lights In The Eagle Ford Rival Metro Areas

A new Eagle Ford Shale satellite photo from NASA shows just how many rigs are active in the area.

At the time the photo was taken there were about 260 rigs drilling in the area. Eagle Ford rigs account for almost 15% of all drilling in the U.S.

Eagle Ford From Space

Eagle Ford From Space | Click to Enlarge

The Eagle Ford accounted for more than 10% of oil production in the U.S. in April of this year. The play has grown from producing virtually nothing in 2008 to more than 800,000 b/d of oil in early 2013.

For reference, metro area populations are noted below:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth – 6.5 million
  • Houston – 6.1 million
  • San Antonio – 2 million
  • Austin/San Marcos – 1.7 million


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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

Managing Editor at EagleFordShale.com
R.T. is the managing editor of EagleFordShale.com. In prior roles, he advised major oil companies on strategy, the macro business environment, and opportunity screening. 2503 Robinhood, Houston, TX, 77005, U.S.A. | Telephone: 832.429.4790


  1. frakstak says:

    Is it possible instead of the predicted years of the eagle ford shale boom to be shorten due to all the frac companies coming out of everywhere

  2. LONNIE GOMEZ says:

    Let the rain come tru, so turn off the gas flaring, it creates too much heat and drys up the rain clouds. trun it off,today

  3. Seth Knight says:

    Is it true the oil companies don’t usually drill till right before your 5 year lease is up?

    • R.T. Dukes R.T. Dukes says:

      I wouldn’t say that is the usual case. Operators consider financial returns and their operations first.

      Many companies leased a lot of acreage in a short time period and were pushed to drill as fast as possible to keep leases from expiring. That means many of them were drilled in the 11th hour.

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