Eagle Ford Quakes Linked to Disposal and Injection Wells – Video

Frohlich notes the quakes he has followed are all within a mile or so of injection wells

Since the drilling boom began in the Eagle Ford Shale, scientists have recorded a steady up-tick in earthquakes in South Texas. In a KENS-TV report, Seismologist, Cliff Frohlich, explains that there could be a link between South Texas quakes and disposal and injection wells.

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Video Highlights

  • South Texas residents concerned about earthquakes and connection to oil production
  • Difficult to determine distinction between man-made and naturally occurring earthquakes
  • Increase in earthquake activity since drilling boom began in Eagle Ford
  • Earthquakes could be linked to disposal and injection wells
Cliff Frohlich, Seismologist with The University of Texas, on Texas quakes: “Given that there’s tens of thousands of oil and gas wells in Texas and tens of thousands of injection wells, if [hydraulic fracking or disposing of fracking fluids] was hugely dangerous, then Texas would be famous because it was rocking with bad earthquakes all the time, but it’s not.”
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Kirk Eggleston

Kirk Eggleston

Contributor at EagleFordShale.com
Kirk Eggleston writes on significant news developments in the Eagle Ford and Bakken Shale plays. He is a former broadcast journalist, and has experience covering news and politics in the Texas and Louisiana markets.


  1. Charlie Lindsey says:

    Just something else for the enviro-nazis to blame on the energy producing companies, just like the roads….
    The roads have always been bad in ST, because there has never been a tax base and the state (TXDOT) has never given them a fair share of $ from the state highway fund, it has always gone to Austin, Dallas-Ft Worth, Houston, Lubbock, Odessa-Midland and that stems from the Washington HAS NEVER given Texas fair share of federal highway $ Now that there is a tax base they still don’t want to give ST the money ti repair the roads…Their solution…..gravel the roads, how insane!!

  2. Cliff Grohmann ( CJNR RANCH THE 4 Corners Area) says:

    All Politics LET this Happen for our STATE and ECONOMY !!Keep up the Good Work….


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