Eagle Ford Deal Value Leads the U.S. in 2013

Approximately $9 Billion in Eagle Ford Deals in 2013
Devon Energy Eagle Ford Acreage Map

Devon Energy Eagle Ford Acreage Map – 82,000 net acres | Click to Enlarge

Eagle Ford deal value led a down year for upstream exploration and production deals in the U.S. with almost $9 billion in activity in 2013.

A record was set in 2012 with almost $90 billion in mergers and acquisitions. The value of deals fell more than 42% to ~$52 billion in 2013. Worldwide total deal value fell from $271 billion in 2012 to $138 billion in 2013.

Of the almost $9 billion spent in the Eagle Ford, almost two-thirds was contributed by one deal – Devon Energy Acquiring Eagle Ford Assets From GeoSouthern for $6 Billion. Add oilfield service & pipeline deals and the Eagle Ford accounted for much more than $9 billion in activity.

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Read the full PLS upstream deal activity report at plsx.com also find a full list of Eagle Ford Deals here.

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