Eagle Ford Crude to Canada? – Valero Gets Approval

US Department of Commerce Approved a 1-Year Export Permit to Eastern Canada
Valero Quebec City Refinery

Quebec City, Canada

V alero received US Department of Commerce approval to ship Eagle Ford crude oil to a refinery in Quebec City, Canada. A shipment has yet to set sail, but the company expects it could save $1-2 per barrel by utilizing Gulf Coast (Eagle Ford) volumes versus crude shipped across the Atlantic.

The Department of Commerce permit was approved in November and is good for 12 months. The permit restricts exports to Eastern Canada. Valero has not indicated when it will begin making shipments to the Quebec refinery from the Gulf Coast.

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

Managing Editor at EagleFordShale.com
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  1. R.T. Dukes RT Dukes says:

    I suspect Valero has supply agreements it is fulfilling or it simply hasn’t secured tanker capacity to begin shipping South Texas crude to Canada. $2 is significant for a refinery.

    • Jack Robinson says:

      Is Valero @ full capacity @ 3-rivers? Are they planning capacity increase ? …thanks for your newsletter….

    • R.T. Dukes RT Dukes says:

      I’m not aware of any plans to expand the plant. The push at most refineries is making sure they can take as much local crude, that is eagle ford quality, as possible

    • Bradley Wright says:

      They may already be shipping it. The Gotland Sofia, a tanker with 400,000+ barrels of capacity, is scheduled to arrive in Quebec at 11:30 today and it’s last port of call is listed as Corpus Christi.

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