Eagle Ford Crude Production Near 400,000 b/d in October 2012

Wellhead Oil Production Up Over 100% from October 2011

Oil Drum ImageEagle Ford crude production is approaching 400,000 b/d as of October. We’ll know more in a few months when operators who are reporting late submit well data to the state.

Initial reports to the Railroad Commission show production of a little more than 323,000 b/d. For reference, initial reports had  Eagle Ford crude production at ~320,000 b/d in August, but those numbers have been revised up to more than 380,000 b/d in the months since.

Also, remember TX RRC reports oil measured at the wellhead. Additional condensate and NGLs will fall out or be processed out further downstream. Wood Mackenzie estimates the play is producing more than 700,000 b/d of oil, condensate, and NGLs.

Read the full note from Bloomberg.com

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

Managing Editor at EagleFordShale.com
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