Eagle Ford Counties Dominate List of Top Oil Producing Counties in Texas

Texas Oil Production Has Grown Roughly 20% Over the Past Twelve Months
Top Oil & Gas Producing Counties in Texas

Top Oil & Gas Producing Counties in Texas – Eagle Ford Counties Circled – Click to Enlarge

The Eagle Ford dominates the latest list of the top oil & gas producing counties in Texas. The Eagle Ford contributes the majority of production in the top three oil producing counties and five of the top 10 producers in the state.

Texas oil production has grown approximately 20% since this time last year. I don’t think anyone can deny we’re in the midst of an oil boom

Preliminary data for July from the Texas Railroad Commission shows the top counties produced the following:

  • Karnes County¬† ~146,000 b/d
  • La Salle County ~104,000 b/d
  • Gonzales County ~83,000 b/d
  • Dimmit County ~67,000 b/d
  • McMullen County ~60,000 b/d

Dimmit County is the only county in the area to make the top ten gas producing areas as well. Also, it’s important to remember the numbers are preliminary. Production figures are often revised upwards by as much as 10% in later months.

Read the full monthly press release at rrc.state.tx.us

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R.T. Dukes

R.T. Dukes

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  1. Terry Nance says:

    This explains why we see so many tank trucks in Nixon. Nixon is in the southern tip of Gonzales County that borders Karnes County to our south.

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