Eagle Ford Billionaires | Jeff Hildebrand Leads the Pack – Net Worth of $5.5 Billion

Geo Southern's George Bishop's Net Worth - $3.5 Billion
Jeff Hildebrand - Hilcorp

Jeff Hildebrand – Hilcorp

This week, Forbes released its rankings of the richest people on the planet, and the list included some oil and gas industry billionaires that have made their fortune in the Eagle Ford Shale.

In 2013, EagleFordShale.com released its own Eagle Ford billionaires list, which was led by Jeff Hildebrand and Dan Harrison. 

Hilcorp CEO, Jeff Hildebrand, still leads the pack in his ranking of Eagle Ford billionaires this year. His net worth is unchanged at $5.5 billion.

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In 2014, there’s a new name to be added to the list –  George Bishop, 77, of The Woodlands, TX. Bishop is ranked by Forbes at No. 446, with $3.5 billion in net worth. Forbes estimates Bishop will clear $1.5 billion from the $6 billion sale of Eagle Ford shale assets to Devon Energy. GeoSouthern got into the Eagle Ford Shale play early. 

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Eagle Ford Billionaire Rankings for 2014

  1. Jeff Hildebrand (Hilcorp) – Net worth $5.5 billion – Estimated to have made $2.5 billion in the Eagle Ford
  2. George Bishop (GeoSouthern) – Net worth – $3.5 billion – Estimated to have made $1.5 billion in sale of Eagle Ford assets to Devon Energy
  3. Dan Harrison (Acreage/Land Owner) – Net worth $1.25 billion – Estimated to have made $1 billion leasing his ranch in the Eagle Ford
  4. Rodney Lewis (Lewis Energy) – Net worth $2.4 billion – Lewis Energy operates over $5 billion worth of Eagle Ford acreage
Please share your throughts in the comments below. Is there anyone we should have included?

See the full list of billionaires at Forbes.com

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