Eagle Ford Shale Jobs News

Alamo Colleges & Weatherford Get $1.5 Million to Train Eagle Ford Oilfield Workers – Video

Oil Industry Has More Jobs Than There Are Qualified Candidates To Fill Them

Alamo Colleges and Weatherford TWC Grant Check

Alamo Colleges & Weatherford TWC Grant Check | Click to Enlarge

The Texas Workforce Commission is providing a $1.5 million skills development grant to fund the training of 673 new oilfield workers and 300 existing Weatherford employees.

Alamo Colleges will train field technicians and engineers that will earn approximately $15-20/hr. Learn more in the video below:

Jobs currently available across the play include CDL drivers, Logistics Coordinators, Mechanics, Sales Roles, Technicians, and more – Search Avalable Eagle Ford Jobs Here. [Read more…]

Oil & Gas Growth Expected in 2014 – Dallas Fed

Refineries & Petrochemical Plants Are Struggling to Find Engineers and Construction Workers
Federal Reserve Districts

Federal Reserve Districts | Click to Enlarge

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas reported that oil & gas companies in the 11th district, which includes Texas, expect further growth in 2014.

Texas respondents indicated particularly strong activity levels in energy, which means the Eagle Ford Job market will remain robust.

The Fed also noted demand for oilfield services was steady even though the rig count had fallen in response to more wells being drilled per rig. [Read more…]

PetroEd Launches Free Online Oilfield Training Program for High School Students – Press Release

High Paying Oilfield Jobs are Available for Those That Graduate
PetroEd Online Oilfield Training for High School Students

PetroEd Online Oilfield Training for High School Students

For the first time, PetroEd® is providing access to the industry’s most popular on-line oilfield education courses–without cost–to qualifying students through the Open Petroleum Education Network (OPEN™).

The courses in OPEN are chalk-full of engaging multimedia, 3d animations and interactive learning that resonates with today’s generation of visual learners. [Read more…]

Must-Know Items for Truck Drivers in the Eagle Ford

Invest in Adequate Driver Training

Earlier this year we wrote a series of stories about the federal government’s efforts to regulate the training of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators. For 28 years, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has attempted to standardize training requirements for entry level drivers (ELDT). [Read more…]

Martin Midstream LPG Plant Planned at the Port of Corpus Christi – Video

Plant Will Cost $550 Million & Employ Hundreds During Construction

Martin Midstream has purchased the last available Port of Corpus Christi property on Harbor Island.

The company will construct a $550 million LPG plant on the 245 acre property. The facility could be completed in the next three years and will employ hundreds during construction and 50 full-time positions once completed. Add those to the already booming Eagle Ford jobs market. [Read more…]

Truck Driving in the Eagle Ford Shale Play

Is it a good career move?
Mission Well Services Frac Spread

Hundreds of trucks used in oil & gas operations | Click to Enlarge

Even those who are not in the trucking industry have an inkling of an idea about the driver shortage. Ads for jobs for holders of commercial driver’s licenses pepper the newspaper classifieds. Recruitment ads fill television and computer screens not to mention the Job Board on this site, suggesting to even the casual viewer that drivers are in demand. [Read more…]

Corpus Christi City Worker Shortage Caused by the Eagle Ford? – Video

The City Is Increasing Wages In Hopes To Increase Applicants

It’s no secret that the labor market is challenging for employers in South Texas. Tens of thousands of South Texas oilfield jobs have been created since in the beginning of the oil boom, and the total number of direct and indirect jobs created is well above 100,000.

When the oil boom started, many people headed to the oil patch for higher pay. Employers who can’t offer higher wages have struggled to fill positions.

Corpus Christi has been almost 30 workers short in its street maintenance department and is falling behind on projects. The city plans to raise wages 2.5% and hopes the allure of staying closer to home will increase the number of job applicants. [Read more…]

Eagle Ford Boom Pushes Holt Cat To Expand San Antonio Headquarters

San Antonio Expansion Is Part Of $77 Million In Investments Across The State
Dynamic Gas Blending Motor - Holt Cat

Dynamic Gas Blending Motor – Holt Cat | Click to Enlarge

As part of $77 million in investments across the state, Holt Cat plans to spend $10 million to expand it’s San Antonio headquarters. The company will build a 47,000 square ft facility that will be able to handled 32-40 machines at any given time.

The expansion adds to the South Texas oilfield job boom. Holt Cat already has 90 open positions listed on its website and plans to hire even more technicians when the facility is completed in the second quarter of 2014. [Read more…]

Electrical Companies Struggle To Find People As Power Demand Increases

Electrical Companies Competing With The Oilfield For Workers
Texas Power Lines

Texas Power Lines | Click to Enlarge

As you can imagine, an influx of drilling in South Texas has meant an influx of new businesses and people. Businesses and people both consume electricity.

The pace of electrical capacity expansion in some oilfield areas has increased to 10-times more than it was in the three year period before the oilfield boom kicked off. [Read more…]

Employers Struggle To Fill Open Jobs In South Texas – Video

Jim Wells County Can't Find Enough Officers To Staff A Local Jail

If there is one thing we can say without question, the Eagle Ford has created a job boom across South Texas. A recent UTSA study estimates the oil & gas industry supports over 116,000 jobs across a 20 county area impacted by the play.

It’s great news, but it also means common positions that don’t pay as much have a hard time filling openings. The video below details how hard it has been for Jim Wells County to hire correctional officers. [Read more…]