Eagle Ford Natural Gas Production

From Virtually Zero to ~3 Bcf/d of Natural Gas Production in Five Years
Eagle Ford Natural Gas Production

Eagle Ford Natural Gas Production | Click to Enlarge

Eagle Ford natural gas production has grown to approximately 3 Bcf/d in just a few short years since drilling began in earnest.

A little less than 90% of drilling in the region targets oily portions of the play, so it’s interesting to note the play accounts for approximately 5% of total natural gas production in the onshore Lower 48 states. It’s a testament to the size of the Eagle Ford. The play is a major natural gas and oil producer.

Approximately 40% of the natural gas produced in the play is attributable to wells targeting oil and liquids, while more than 60% is can be attributed to wells targeting natural gas prone areas of the play.

Eagle Ford NGL Production

Eagle Ford NGL production is probably the hardest line item to estimate when it comes to overall production in the region. Midstream plants in the region are processing more than just Eagle Ford gas and the pipeline and midstream segment of the industry is expanding at a break neck pace.

With that, energy research firm Bentek estimated NGL production in the Eagle Ford was close to 300,000 b/d at the beginning of 2013 and that it could rise to as much as 800,000 b/d later in the decade. Let’s put that into perspective. The entire US NGL market was only 2.4 million b/d in 2012 and the Eagle Ford could grow to 800,000 b/d over the next 5-7 years.

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