Lavaca County, TX and the Eagle Ford Shale Play

Lavaca County Eagle Ford Shale Map

Lavaca County, TX

Lavaca County (970 sq miles) in South Texas serves as the northern extent of a prolific portion of the Eagle Ford shale that moves into DeWitt and Gonzales counties.

Lavaca County is targeted for the liquids-rich nature of the Eagle Ford formation in this area. The county is part of the northern region of the play and is prospective for shale oil, shale gas, and condensate, which are being developed by horizontal drilling. Thermal maturity in this area might provide production from all three phases of the dry gas, gas-condensate, and oil windows.  The formation begins to degrade as you move into the county.  Much of the drilling activity is focused along the border with DeWitt County and Gonzales County in the liquids-rich areas of the play.

County services of interest to oil and gas lease owners include the Lavaca County Appraisal District (tax collector) office and the Lavaca County Clerk (property records) office. The county seat is the town of Hallettsville. Other towns in Lavaca County include Moulton, Shiner, Sweet Home, and Yoakum.

Lavaca County Oil & Gas Discussion Forum

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Mineral Rights Forum

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Major Operators in Lavaca

Pioneer and ZaZa Energy are the most active producing companies in Lavaca County who are targeting the Eagle Ford with horizontal drilling.

Lavaca County – Eagle Ford Shale Upcoming Projects

This following information is provided by The University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) Institute for Economic Development.

  • Enterprise Products Partners – Gas Pipeline (to Wharton County)
  • Enterprise Products Partners – NGL Pipeline (to La Salle County)
  • Enterprise Products Partners – Yoakum Plant Natural Gas Processing (2013, 900 MMcf/d)

E&P Companies with Operations in Lavaca County

Lavaca County Pipeline Companies

  • Bopco LP
  • Copano Energy
  • DCP
  • El Paso
  • Energy Transfer
  • Enterprise Products
  • Kinder Morgan
  • Southcross Gulf Coast Transmission (Boardwalk Pipeline Partners)
  • Tepee Petroleum Co.
  • Texas Eastern Transmission (Spectra)
  • Texas Gas Service (ONEOK)


  1. Amy Whiteley says:

    I am looking to buy property off of FM 530 on CR 157A. Is there to be any drilling in the area this year or 2015?

  2. John Wagner says:

    How can one find out who has the lease on property in Sweet Home area. We leased with Emerald Leasing 2 years ago. I am sure it was sold, but to who.

  3. johnny stanek says:

    my dad is 92 yrs. old he has 50 acres off of 531 and 308 in shiner tx.i am his son and i am trying to take care of him does anybody know of anyone leasing land out that way and if so what are they offering.i live in houston and do not have a clue to what is going on any help would be appreciated johnny

  4. Just curious as to current status of drilling operations in Eagle Ford/Lavaca County portion of the prolific oil&gas window? During 2012 seems that updates were more available? Now in 2nd quarter 2013 seems to be far less updated information available for this region? Would appreciate any future insight into to development of this area. I am a surface/mineral owner residing in Aggieland, however interested in development news relating to my area of interest. Do you have additional subscription that would offer additional insight into future development? Thanks and have enjoyed being member of Eagle Ford Shale. Good read !


  5. Kelly Berger says:

    Our family has some property approximately 3 – 4 miles East of Komensky on FM 532. The leases have run out for several of the land owners in our area effective from the beginning of the year. Are there any companies leasing in that area — from the cross roads on FM 532 to Komensky?

  6. shirley stair says:

    Does anyone have any info. on 229acres 12miles looks like sw of Yoakum.US enercorp drilled a well-Nitsch unit. It is located close to A.B.Williams, Rose JoyceKlimtchek,John DeBord,and J.L. Walace? Would appreciate any info on this.Thanks so much,Shirley Stair

  7. dillon schroeder says:

    Anything new in Central Lavaca?